How to ignore a person

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How to ignore a person
How to ignore a person

It can be quite difficult to ignore someone, especially if you constantly accidentally meet this person on your way, if he tries to talk to you or does not quite understand what is going on. But if you really need to ignore this person, then try to look very busy with your business, change your usual way of life and sever all contact with this person. Check out the following tips on how to ignore someone.


Method 1 of 4: Use body language

Ignore Someone Step 1
Ignore Someone Step 1

Step 1. Don't look this person in the eye

Not making eye contact is the best way to ignore people. Once your eyes meet, it will show that you are aware of this person's existence, and your efforts to ignore him will be in vain. If this person is in close proximity to you, avoid looking into their eyes at all costs. Look at everyone except him, look in front of you or just at the floor.

  • If the person is shorter than you, then just look over his head. If it is higher, then do not look up.
  • If he is the same height as you and is standing nearby, try to portray an absent, indifferent look in case you accidentally meet his eyes.
Ignore Someone Step 2
Ignore Someone Step 2

Step 2. Walk by quickly

Another way to ignore a person is to walk as fast as possible. This will show that you are a busy person, you need to have time to redo a lot of things, and that you have not the slightest desire to stop and talk to this person. Walk with your head held high and look as if you are in a hurry on business, even if in fact you are not.

  • If you see this person approaching you from afar, step aside a little so as not to accidentally bump into him.
  • Do not turn to the side to get around your enemy. Crossing to the other side of the road or turning off will show that you care. However, if you see him in the distance and are sure that he does not see you, then it is better to really turn out of your way and hide from sight.
Ignore Someone Step 3
Ignore Someone Step 3

Step 3. Depict some kind of "closeness"

If you happen to find yourself next to this person, fold your arms over your chest, cross your legs if you are sitting, hunch over a little and generally do everything to seem completely inaccessible. Your body should speak for itself: "Don't talk to me, buddy," and most likely your enemy will take this hint.

  • Don't smile. Keep your face serious, even a little sullen, to show that you don't want to talk to anyone.
  • You can also paint a face with a blank and meaningless expression, which will scare off anyone who tries to speak to you.
  • If you have long hair, bangs, or wear a hat, try to cover part of your face so you don't have to look that person in the eye.
Ignore Someone Step 4
Ignore Someone Step 4

Step 4. Try to look like you are very busy

You can look either closed from everything around you, or very, very busy, so much so that you simply cannot take a second of your time for idle chatter with this person.

  • If you are with friends at the moment, then turn to face them and begin to talk about something animatedly and gesticulate. This will show that you are too busy to talk or look in someone's direction.
  • If you're alone, immerse yourself in a book, magazine, or textbook. You can even read aloud quietly as if you are memorizing something.
  • Always have many different items in your hands. When you walk or sit, hold your phone, textbooks, or a huge indoor flower in a pot. Seeing how busy you are, this person will not start a conversation with you.

Method 2 of 4: Use technology

Ignore Someone Step 5
Ignore Someone Step 5

Step 1. Use your phone

It will help you ignore anyone. There are several ways to use your phone for this purpose. First, you can stare at your phone to look busy as soon as you see your enemy. You can talk to someone on the phone, laugh wildly, or plunge headlong into correspondence with someone with whom you would like to chat at the moment.

  • Change the phone number to prevent this person from calling or sending you messages.
  • Block him in your contacts to avoid receiving messages from him.
  • Set your phone to ring when you are with that person so you can pick up the phone and pretend to be talking to someone.
Ignore Someone Step 6
Ignore Someone Step 6

Step 2. Listen to music

Buy headphones and always wear them when you are alone, even if you are not listening to music. When you see your enemy, turn on the music to the fullest and shake your head to the beat to look completely absorbed and busy with your business and not wanting to spend a moment of your time talking.

If you really want to annoy, you can also close your eyes and sing along to the music so that the person does not have the slightest chance to speak to you

Ignore Someone Step 7
Ignore Someone Step 7

Step 3. Ignore the network

Ignoring the internet is much easier than ignoring a person in real life because you don't have to avoid meeting them. In this case, you just need to ignore emails, Facebook posts, Twitter notes, and any other messages on the network.

  • Block this person on your social media. Make sure he can't contact you online.
  • Change your email address and virtual nicknames, if necessary. There should be no way for your adversary to contact you online.

Method 3 of 4: Change Your Habits

Ignore Someone Step 8
Ignore Someone Step 8

Step 1. Take a different route

If you want to ignore someone and not meet them every time on your way, then the easiest thing is to simply change the route you usually take. If you always meet your enemy on the way in between classes, then go another, longer way to the next lesson so as not to see this person. If you meet him constantly at work, then walk down a different hallway and use a different restroom to keep contact to a minimum.

  • If you meet him wherever you go, then start driving.
  • If your enemy also changed his route to catch your eye again, then keep changing your route until he gets tired of this stupid game.
Ignore Someone Step 9
Ignore Someone Step 9

Step 2. Avoid the places your enemy likes to visit

It's elementary. If you know his favorite bars, restaurants and parks, just don't go there anymore. It's not worth it, however, if you want to spend enough time there and continually ignore this person, then you can try.

  • You can also remember the days when he usually goes there. If he visits his favorite restaurant on weekends, and you really want to go there, then try to go there during the week.
  • If he goes to his restaurant only during the discount hours, then you can visit there a little later in the evening.
Ignore Someone Step 10
Ignore Someone Step 10

Step 3. Be in places where your enemy will never go

For example, if he prefers meat dishes, look for restaurants in your area that serve vegetarian meals. If he hates jazz, go to a jazz concert in your area. If he is at odds with one of your friends, then at this friend's party you are unlikely to meet your enemy and you can have a good time.

Visiting places and places where this person does not go will help you not only ignore him, but also open up new and unexplored horizons for you

Method 4 of 4: Ignore anyone in any situation

Ignore Someone Step 11
Ignore Someone Step 11

Step 1. Ignore anyone at school

It may not be that easy, especially if you are in the same class, but you can still find a way. Here's how to do it:

  • If you are sitting at the same desk with this person, move to another desk. If everyone has their own place in the class, then ask the teacher to transplant you.
  • If you see him in the school cafeteria, then sit at another table.
  • If you meet him in the hallway of the school, then just look straight ahead, as if you are in such a hurry for the next lesson that you did not notice how you passed this person.
  • If he asks you a question in class, turn your head to the side as if nothing happened.
Ignore Someone Step 12
Ignore Someone Step 12

Step 2. Ignore anyone at work

This can be very difficult, as you may be sitting close to your enemy or even working on the same project. Anyway, there are several ways to keep contact to a minimum.

  • Do not go into the office kitchen or break room while that person is there. Remember when he usually dines in the kitchen or pours himself coffee, and try to dine and relax at other times if possible.
  • If you are sitting in the office next to your enemy, then try to focus on working on the computer, and also always have a pile of work papers on hand so that you can immerse yourself in them, instead of looking in his direction.
  • This should not be reflected in your professional activities. If you need to discuss anything with this person on business matters, do it. He will be even more uncomfortable if you talk to him at work and completely ignore him outside the workspace.
Ignore Someone Step 13
Ignore Someone Step 13

Step 3. Ignore anyone socially

It's easy enough if you know what to do. You need to rely on your friends and try to stay as far away from this person as possible, even if you are in the same room. Here's what you can do:

  • Surround yourself with friends. Talk to them and laugh as if you've never heard anything funnier in your life.
  • Dance. If your enemy comes up to you, and at the same time music is playing, immediately grab your friend and go dancing. If he does approach you on the dance floor, close your eyes as if you are enjoying the music.
  • If he is in the same circle of friends with you, then immerse yourself in an active conversation with one of your friends. When he starts talking, start scratching your ear or staring at the phone, in a word, act as if nothing is happening.


  • Listen to your MP3 player to abstract from the person who is bothering you.
  • If your enemy tries to talk to you, then take out the phone and pretend to answer the call.
  • Make sure you have a good reason to ignore the person. (For example, if he wants to ask for forgiveness, then he can be given a chance).
  • If you know that you can meet this person in a certain place (for example, in a store), then see if there is his car in the parking lot of the store before entering there.
  • While at work, keep your door closed or pretend to be on the phone.
  • Learn to see people out of the corner of your eye. Then you can pretend not to see them.
  • You still need to talk to your enemy if the reason for your ignorance is completely solvable.
  • If the person you are angry with sincerely repents, then perhaps you had better forgive him or have a serious talk before cutting off all contact with him. Give him / her a chance - this is most likely just a misunderstanding.
  • If the person you are trying to ignore calls you by name or in some other way grabs your attention, then there is a simple way out of this situation. Try to look very busy, say hello absentmindedly, and keep walking as if you have urgent business.
  • If you don't like this person, then doing all this is even easier.

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