How to be original and distinctive (with pictures)

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How to be original and distinctive (with pictures)
How to be original and distinctive (with pictures)

Are you tired of feeling like you have to be the same old-fashioned bore every day? Maybe nothing else pleases you? Maybe it seems to you that you are merging with a gray mass? Whatever the reason for your discouragement, don't worry. If you want to be original and distinctive, you need to change your mindset and lifestyle. Do you want to know how to do it? Read our article.


Part 1 of 3: Getting the Right Mind

Be Fresh and Original Step 1
Be Fresh and Original Step 1

Step 1. Focus on your accomplishments

If you want to be distinctive and original, chances are you are a little tired of being yourself. Yes, if so, you need to change, and today. You don't have to think that you are a bore who needs to completely change - just start thinking positively. Think about the wonderful things that make you special before you start devising an action plan to be more original.

  • Reflect on your personality. What are the three main traits of your character? Are you funny, sarcastic, or smart? Can you get even better?
  • What is your appearance? What are the three main advantages of your appearance? Can they be improved?
  • At different times in your life, people have complimented you on certain aspects of your personality. What aspects did they highlight more often than others?
  • Be honest with yourself. Is there any trait in you that, in your opinion, has not received a worthy recognition?
Be Fresh and Original Step 2
Be Fresh and Original Step 2

Step 2. Stop thinking that you are a bore

If you want to become an original and distinctive person, you need to stop thinking that you need to completely change because of your simplicity. Tell yourself that you are a wonderful person, but the world has not yet found out about it. If you want to gain anything in this life, you need to work on improving your self-esteem. You need to accept yourself as you are; love your looks and tell yourself that you have something to offer the world.

  • Change comes from within. First, you need to understand that at heart you are an original person. Then you can share your originality with the whole world. If you feel that you are getting depressed, there is no point in being original.
  • Make a list of activities that interest you. Write until you have completed the entire page.
Be Fresh and Original Step 3
Be Fresh and Original Step 3

Step 3. Decide what you would like to change

Yes, you realized that you are not as bored as you thought before, and you have slightly increased your self-esteem. But the soul requires change. No problem. It's time to dig into yourself and find out what makes you distinctive and original. Once you decide, you need to do something different from all the previous ones. Here's what you can change:

  • Chances are, you think that you look just like everyone else and that you have no sense of style. Start shopping on your own and wear whatever you like. Ignore what others are wearing.
  • Chances are, you think you are blending into the crowd at parties or in class. Try to talk to new people, step outside your comfort zone, and cheer up those around you. Try to come up with new proposals instead of following the herd instinct, or fooling around a little (but within reasonable limits).
Be Fresh and Original Step 4
Be Fresh and Original Step 4

Step 4. Give yourself some time

Maybe you can identify two or three characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd. Perfectly. Should this happen today? Most likely no. If you take part in a school play in a new look, people will think that you are trying too hard. The best thing is to approach the desired one in small steps. It will be easier for you to survive the change, and everything will happen by itself.

  • If you want to change your style, you shouldn't completely change your look on Sunday before school. Start slowly adding new details to your wardrobe until your look changes dramatically.
  • If you want to become more outgoing, start trying out a little bit of yourself in group discussions.
  • If you want to formulate an interesting opinion, start with the topics that you understand, instead of inserting conflicting comments that you are unable to prove.
Be Fresh and Original Step 5
Be Fresh and Original Step 5

Step 5. Ask yourself questions

You should take a moment to consider your values, ideas and opinions, and their source. Are you as liberal or conservative as you think? Do you really think you know how people should behave in conversation? Do you really think you thoroughly learned your favorite subject at school? You can turn the whole world upside down and start looking at things in a new way. It will be easier for you to become original and distinctive, and look at familiar things from a different point of view.

  • Talk to people who have the opposite point of view on what you strongly believe in. Take time for them to listen to their opinions, and not to reject them categorically.
  • Analyze your point of view. Did you decide this because you were raised that way, or did you hear this opinion from the people you meet? What statements are objective? Not that much, right?
  • If you have a really strong belief about something, write down what you want to say to your competitor and why. You will be able to analyze your ideas from a different perspective

Part 2 of 3: Behavioral Aspects

Be Fresh and Original Step 6
Be Fresh and Original Step 6

Step 1. Make changes in your daily routine

You don't feel diversity because you do the same thing every day. It's time to mix all the cards. Start small. Eat a different breakfast item. Go to bed an hour late. As you get used to small changes, move on to bigger things. Sit down to dinner at a different table. Find a new hobby. Spend the evening with new company. See how these changes affect your way of life.

  • Certainly some things shouldn't be changed. But if you do the same thing every day, you will feel like an old bore.
  • Forming new habits will help you realize that transforming yourself into another person is not as difficult as it seems.
  • Even if you've drawn up a new schedule, remember to alternate between the new and the old.
Be Fresh and Original Step 7
Be Fresh and Original Step 7

Step 2. Step outside your comfort zone

If you want to be original and distinctive, you cannot only do what is convenient for you. You need to try to do something that scares you, is unusual, embarrassed or a little confusing. This does not mean that you need to get involved in a fight with a weapon or do back flips from a skyscraper, but you should try something that is unusual for you. You can go to a party where there are many strangers, or go to the cinema alone.

  • Make a list of things that scare you, like hiking or dancing in public. Ask yourself what exactly scares you about the activities on this list.
  • Do what you don't do well. You will have to try hard to succeed and have fun along the way. If you know you can't sing well, take a vocal course. You will find out that the glory of Whitney Houston does not shine for you, and calm down.
  • If you are really afraid of something, such as running 10 kilometers, practice with a friend who is an expert in this matter. If you are around someone you are comfortable with, it’s easier for you, even if you don’t feel it.
Be Fresh and Original Step 8
Be Fresh and Original Step 8

Step 3. Go out into the light

If you want to be original and original, you need to go out to people from time to time. Meet new people. Be the first to volunteer your presentation in class. Show your talent to the whole school, even if you don't have it. Post something interesting and provocative on Facebook. It doesn't matter what you do. You need to step out of the shadows and feel comfortable in front of everyone (or at least in a small company).

  • If you are calm when talking to people, try to speak 30% more the next time you meet. You don't need to dominate the conversation. Try to be more sociable.
  • Talk to new people. If you are afraid of this, start with a simple question.
  • Take an acting or self-esteem course. You will feel much more confident in front of an audience.
Be Fresh and Original Step 9
Be Fresh and Original Step 9

Step 4. Surprise people

If you want to be original, you can't constantly meet the expectations of others. If people know exactly what you will be doing or saying at the moment, how can you call yourself original? You don't have to do strange things to surprise people, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to work on developing unpredictability.

  • Don't be afraid to sound like a dimwit. Do a weird dance or tell a ridiculous anecdote. People will react with displeasure to such antics, because they did not expect this from you.
  • Prank your friends from time to time. Let them have fun too.
  • When you can step out of your comfort zone and do things that are unfamiliar to you, people will be surprised when you tell them about your aspirations.
  • Dive into an unexpected adventure. Take a weekend run or search for treasure in your area. Be as spontaneous as possible to impress those around you.
Be Fresh and Original Step 10
Be Fresh and Original Step 10

Step 5. Look for your style

If you want to look distinctive and original, start with the look. This does not mean at all that you have to wear clothes in bright neon colors or dye your hair pink (unless, of course, that suits you) to get noticed. What we mean is that you need to find the hairstyle, look and wardrobe that suits you unmistakably. If you shop at two of the same stores and wear the same thing as five close friends, you are not at all original, are you?

  • Try to shop at a store you've never been to before. You'd be surprised how many cool clothes you can get there.
  • Go to thrift stores for unusual items to add to your wardrobe.
  • It so happens that you notice something and say to yourself "Yes, it is so beautiful, but I never dare to wear it." Why not? Cast aside all doubts and try on what you like.
  • Choose your favorite store from a huge number. If you buy things at Macy's, you run the risk that everyone can copy your new look.
  • Tired of your usual hairstyle? Experiment and change your style completely. If that doesn't work, don't worry. The hair will grow back and you will think of something different.
Be Fresh and Original Step 11
Be Fresh and Original Step 11

Step 6. Choose a completely unfamiliar hobby

If you want to be original, you need to look for unique talents in yourself. Try to do something that has never attracted you. Sign up for salsa or violin lessons. Learn Chinese. Become a professional yogi. Volunteer at a local canteen. It doesn't matter what you do. Most importantly, you must find a new and exciting activity. If you develop a new addiction, you will become unique.

  • If you don't express your talents, you will never stand out. You will be "the girl who knows Chinese" or "the guy who works as a hairdresser." You will never become "the person who stands out from the crowd."
  • New hobbies will lead you to new acquaintances that will help you get original outlooks on life.
Be Fresh and Original Step 12
Be Fresh and Original Step 12

Step 7. Talk to strangers (normal people

). Originality and uniqueness consists in bringing everyone into the conversation. Talk to strangers - not always there are people on your way who are ready to share sweets with you - and you can feel comfortable, learn to communicate with different people and become a more sociable, cheerful and original person.

  • Start with a quick conversation with the saleswoman at your local grocery store. Next week, try to talk to the person next to you in your yoga class. What's the worst that can happen?
  • Try talking to strangers at parties. That's why parties are invented, isn't it? If you are very shy, talk to new people when your mutual friends are around.

Part 3 of 3: Do More Than Necessary

Be Fresh and Original Step 13
Be Fresh and Original Step 13

Step 1. Chat with original people

This does not require any additional effort. If you want to be unique, you can't spend all your time with people who have nothing to offer other than their outdated nerdy opinions. Don't make your best friends hang out with weird company. You need to find people with original thinking and point of view that can affect your personality. Original people can be found everywhere: at home, at school, or at work. Try to find people with different views of the world.

  • When you meet such people, ask them many questions. You need to understand what is their origin.
  • Original people are not the ones who show off the most or shout out their opinions. You need to get to know them better.
Be Fresh and Original Step 14
Be Fresh and Original Step 14

Step 2. Ask provocative questions

You don't need to form a radical opinion to alienate a person or look like an extremist. You need to explore the world around you. Watch documentaries, read various magazines and newspapers, and talk to tons of people before you form your opinion. Then you will be able to express original thoughts on any subject and start sharing them with people who are interested in your point of view.

  • Don't jump to conclusions. Consider everything before you say it. You must do an internal analysis.
  • If you agree with the majority opinion in individual cases, that's not bad. It is better to have a habitual opinion than to radically judge everything in the world.
  • Learn to debate scientifically with people. Don't try to argue with them. Stubbornness has nothing to do with originality. In fact, truly interesting people are able to calmly listen to the opinions of others.
Be Fresh and Original Step 15
Be Fresh and Original Step 15

Step 3. Travel as much as possible

Of course, the budget is always limited, but if you have the opportunity to save money, try to visit anywhere in the world. If you cannot afford it, travel within the area or volunteer abroad. The most important thing is that you can see how other people live and see the world. In addition, you may find that people live differently somewhere than in your home country.

  • Make it a goal to visit at least one unfamiliar place once a year, even if you are just visiting a city within an area.
  • As you travel, ask questions. Talk to local people. You don't have to be a tourist; you need to get an authentic experience.
Be Fresh and Original Step 16
Be Fresh and Original Step 16

Step 4. Know the difference between originality and strangeness

Freshness and originality of ideas is good, but weirdness is not the same. There is a deep chasm between the two. Some people are really so original and unique that they seem strange to us - no one understands them. The rest are trying to attract attention to themselves with non-standard actions. Such people are considered dudes. If you're aiming for originality, make sure you're doing it sincerely, not just to get attention.

  • If you wear an unusual bracelet from your grandmother's jewelry collection, this is original. If you wear hot pink pants to get attention, this is a little weird.
  • If during a conversation you tell your interlocutors interesting facts - this is original. If you dump information of a personal or unpleasant nature on the interlocutor, he will think that you are crazy.
  • Expressing an original point of view in a lesson is original. But if you start to make strange sounds during a call, it sounds strange.
Be Fresh and Original Step 17
Be Fresh and Original Step 17

Step 5. Continue your transformation process

Originality and originality of ideas does not mean that you have to lead a new image and adhere to it unswervingly. If you really want to be original and original, you have to understand that the process of knowing the world is endless. You can remake yourself over and over again. Always stick to your opinion, look for new people and activities, and strive to see the world differently.

  • Confidence is the key to happiness, but you cannot be completely and completely satisfied with yourself. Love yourself and strive for excellence.
  • This does not mean that on the first day you spit on someone else's opinion, and the next day you turn into an inveterate conservative. Personal development is a gradual process.
Be Fresh and Original Step 18
Be Fresh and Original Step 18

Step 6. Stop worrying about someone else's opinion

If you are counting on long-term originality, you cannot avoid being envious. Sure, there will be people who find your originality quirky, but even worse, if those around you think you’re a bore, or worse, they don’t think of you at all. Work on your own scenario. Ignore the actions and opinions of other people, and very soon you will achieve your goal.

  • It's great to get advice from friends. It is better not to ask the opinion of a person who does not understand your problems.
  • Constructive criticism can help you improve. Destructive criticism should be put aside.


  • Study hard and work hard. Achievements make you stand out in the eyes of others.
  • Save the guys for later. Yes, of course you can fall in love to unconsciousness, and then remain heartbroken, because your beloved Bob is not worth a cent, because he does not show any interest in you.
  • Make friends. You don't have to share all your thoughts, hobbies, or ideas about the world. You should be comfortable around this person.

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