How to fight against mobs in Minecraft

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How to fight against mobs in Minecraft
How to fight against mobs in Minecraft

You explore an interesting cave system, find a huge amount of coal, iron and gold. You are working on the next block and jump out of the lava that has appeared. Move away, not noticing that you are on the edge of a ravine and fall. You drink some potions to heal. It is at this moment that you notice strange shapes in the dark. Barely audible growl here, hiss there. You understand that you are not alone.

Has this happened to you? Can't you deal with these mobs? In this article, you can learn a few combat techniques that are used by experienced players.


Method 1 of 19: Preparation

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 1
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Take a sword or ax made of stone (preferably diamond)

Also, take iron armor or something better. Be sure to bring a bow and possibly a few tamed wolves for support. Also, take torches. If possible, enchant your items.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 2
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Set the difficulty to Easy or higher

Place your weapons, food and potions on the hotplate and scatter torches around you.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 3
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. When the mobs start spawning, pull out your weapon and get ready for battle

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 4
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 4

Step 4. Learn to deliver critical hits

Jump and hit or speed up and hit. Critical damage comes during a fall after a jump. Try to hit the mob during your fall.

Method 2 of 19: The Zombie

Zombie is the easiest enemy mob. It moves slowly and burns out in the daytime.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 5
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 5

Step 1. Approach the zombie so that it starts moving in your direction

Get a critical hit at a distance of two blocks (jump and hit). You don't have to retreat after an attack, the zombies move very slowly. Step 2. Repeat these steps until the zombie dies.

Look around and make sure there are no other mobs around. Be careful, as each time you hit a zombie, there is a chance that another zombie will appear. Collect your experience and loot like Rotten Flesh. It is advisable not to eat Rotten Flesh (unless you can find other food), as you can get poisoned. If you are poisoned, then stand in one place and wait out the illness so as not to reduce the level of hunger. Step 3. If you are fighting several zombies at the same time, then run in their direction and click on the left mouse button.

This pushes them back several blocks. Also, if a zombie is focused on you, it will not attack a tamed wolf that attacks a zombie.

Method 3 of 19: The Spider

Spider is much more dangerous than zombies, despite the fact that it has less health. They crawl up walls and jump when attacking. If they are not attacked during the day, then they behave passively. It does not fit into 1X1 squares.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 8
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 8

Step 1. Let the spider crawl towards you

Be aware that the spider jumps and climbs the walls. Instead of using your normal combat method, run up and hit to knock the spider back. Step 2. Continue to run forward and press the left button, aiming towards the spider.

You may take some damage. However, you can also sprint again and then critically hit. Step 3. Look around and make sure there are no other mobs around.

Gather experience and loot such as string or spider eyes. You can ferment the spider eye and use it for potions, or eat it if the need arises. You will be poisoned for 4 seconds, but your health will not fall below half a heart, which will recover if you are not hungry.

Method 4 of 19: The Skeleton

Skeletons carry bows from which they shoot. Dodging arrows is not difficult when you are at a great distance, but problematic at close range. Just like zombies, skeletons burn out in daylight.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 11
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 11

Step 1. If possible, shoot at the skeleton with a bow

Otherwise, run at him and deliver a critical hit. Step 2. Get used to it and keep fighting.

Try to block (right button) arrows at close range, as the chances of dodging will be very low. Try to calculate the time between shots based on the previous ones. Step 3. Collect experience and loot, for example bones and arrows. 4 Do not run in zigzags, skeletons shoot too fast and it will not help you, in addition, this way you can attract the attention of other mobs.

Method 5 of 19: The Creeper

Creeper becomes a dangerous mob during the night. They have very good navigation AI and they explode if you get too close. They are not affected by daylight. And also, they are silent while moving, in addition to all this, they use camouflage, which makes them very dangerous mobs.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 14
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 14

Step 1. If you have a bow, then use it to kill the Creeper

If you do not have a bow, then strike with your sword and quickly retreat. Step 2. Keep up the good work.

If the Creeper starts to flash and grow in size, move away from him and stand until he explodes. If you kill him, you will gain experience and loot, such as gunpowder. Step 3. Know that Charged Creeper exists.

When lightning strikes Creeper, a bluish aura surrounds him. This slider explodes with double power. Kill charged crawlers in the same way as normal ones.

Method 6 of 19: Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey is a very dangerous mob. He appears as the skeleton rides a spider. It is better to bypass such mobs, since they have no special loot, except from a spider or skeleton. When a spider appears, there is a 1% chance that it will become a Spider Jockey.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 17
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 17

Step 1. First, kill the skeleton

Right click in the direction of the mob and try to hit while running, and then block his blow. As soon as the skeleton dies, go to the spider. Step 2. Kill the spider in the usual way.

Get experience and stuff. Step 3. If the jockey spider climbed onto your wall, then first kill the spider, while the skeleton will fall and take damage when falling.

If he is not dead, then kill him like a normal skeleton.

Method 7 of 19: The Enderman

Endermen is a tall and black mob. They can teleport and deal a lot of damage. However, they get damaged by any liquid and die in the rain.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 19
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 19

Step 1. Discover Enderman

Do not look into his eyes (do not point the camera at the top of his body). There are three ways to kill an Enderman. Step 2. Run towards him.

Jump up and land a critical hit, and continue like this. If he teleports, then follow the trail of his particles, which will lead you to Enderman; more often than not, he will be behind you. Repeat the previous steps and kill him.

  • If you don't have good armor, tame the wolves (at least 5). Get the first hit with a crit and let the wolves finish the job. Feed the wolves as they will most likely be injured after the fight with the Enderman.
  • Attacking the Enderman's legs will not cause him to teleport.

Step 3. Go into the water and look into his eyes

Enderman will try to teleport on you, but will be damaged by the water and teleport back. Repeat your actions until the Enderman is defeated. Step 4. Also, you can build a 1x1x2 building and then attack it.

The Enderman won't be able to reach you and you won't take any damage. Or you can build a pillar 4 blocks high and attack the Enderman from a distance without being able to reach you. Pay attention to the presence of spiders and skeletons, as they can knock you over. Step 5. Get experience and, if you're lucky, the Ender Pearl will drop.

Use a Loot Enchanted Sword to increase the chance.

Method 8 of 19: Chicken Jockey

Chicken Jockey is a village zombie kid or a zombie pig herd on a chicken. Zombie children do not burn in the light, and the chicken cannot be herded to the fence.

Step 1. Don't try to push her off the cliff; the rider mob will take all the fall damage, and the chicken will fly and take no damage. 2 If you are playing 1.7.10 or earlier, you can use chicken eggs to knock the mob down

Method 9 of 19: The Slime

Slime lives deep underground. They only spawn in large areas or bolts of the biome. Slime is very rare for new players.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 24
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 24

Step 1. Walk up to Slime and land some critical hits

Be careful when you encounter large specimens as they split into several smaller specimens. As soon as Slime dies, step back. Each Slime is divided into several small ones. Essentially like a breeding process.

  • When fighting with a small Slime, a single blow with a sword will be enough to kill, however, it is recommended to punch with a fist, as they are very weak and not worth the strength of your sword. Little Slime does no damage. Slime balls fall from them.
  • Medium Slime will break up into small ones. Kill the little ones. Medium Slimes do light damage.
  • Large Slimes will split into medium ones. Kill the middle ones. Large Slimes do moderate damage.

Step 2. Collect the loot, which is most often slime balls and experience

Method 10 of 19: The Silverfish

Silverfish is a small mob that spawns in the portal rooms of the three fortresses. They appear from blocks that are mined by players. At the same time, they attack you during the appearance. In doing so, other Silverfish will also become aggressive.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 26
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 26

Step 1. Use your fists to break blocks

If you think it breaks too quickly, stop, Silverfish is there. If the block breaks at the usual rate, then you are safe. Step 2. Place TNT next to the block and detonate.

Thus, Silverfish will not get out of the block. Step 3. The moment a lot of Silverfish attack you, you have four options.

You can of course try to fight them off with your iron / diamond sword, but due to its small size and high speed, this method is not recommended.

  • Turn around and run away. Do not stop until you have run a sufficient distance. Block the path with clay and come back later.
  • Alternatively, you can make a column of two blocks of clay, climb on top of it and shoot your bow / strike with your sword.
  • Climb up (at least 2 blocks) and place the lava below you. This should help with the Silverfish that are haunting you.
  • Climb up the fortress step and pour out the bucket of water so that it washes away. This will keep them at a distance, at least for a certain amount of time.

Step 4. Walk through the fortress

Get experience if you find it.

Method 11 of 19: The Zombie Pigman

The Zombie Pigman is a mob that can be found in the Void. They move in groups, carry menacing golden swords, and are neutral until attacked. If you hit one, then every Zombie Pigman within a radius of 16 blocks will go in your direction and start attacking. Within a radius of the next 16 blocks, they will become aggressive. Zombie Pigman can spawn in Overworld when lightning strikes a pig or around Nether portals. However, this is an extremely rare occurrence. Zombie Pigman run faster than you, so get ready to accelerate!

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 30
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 30

Step 1. Look around and determine the position of the Pigman around you

Attack one with a critical hit. Try to fight in third person camera mode. Step 2. Go to the side of the zombie.

Try not to run around as you might get the attention of other Pigmen. Watch where you are stepping - one wrong step and you will find yourself in lava. Don't let yourself be surrounded. Step 3. Run and beat the zombies that are nearby.

For this activity, an enchanted sword with Knockback II will be the best choice, as if you run too far, you will be surrounded. Drive zombies in a circle and hit. Don't go too far or you will attract the attention of other groups. Step 4. Kill the Pigmen one at a time.

Get experience and any loot, such as rotten flesh or gold nugget.

Method 12 of 19: The Blaze

Blazes is another Nether mob. They often reside in Nether Strongholds near their spawn point. It will be very difficult to fight against Blazes. They can fly and shoot three fireballs. Unlike the Ghasts fireballs, Blaze magic cannot be reflected. Blaze is popular for its blaze rods, which are used for eyes of ender, blaze powder, brewing stands, and magma cream.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 34
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 34

Step 1. Enchant your bow

If you want a quick fight, then this will be a must. The bow is one of the easiest ways to kill Blaze, based on the fact that they can fly. Also, type snowballs. This is a good decision as the snow will block and buy you time. Step 2. If you have a brewing stand, then you can create fireproof potions that will protect you from Blaze attacks.

For a potion recipe, look here. Step 3. Set the difficulty to Peaceful as soon as you reach the mob spawn.

Build a small 3 block cobblestone wall. It is not necessary to make it too long, but preferably with a small roof. Step 4. Go behind the wall and set the difficulty to Easy or higher.

Stretch your bow. Do not attempt to shoot Blaze until your bow is fully drawn. Step 5. With a quick movement, move away from the wall and shoot at Blaze.

Stay close to the edge of the wall to hide behind it. If Blaze is on the other side of you, then finish it off with snowballs. Step 6. Shoot the blaze.

Go behind the wall and draw the bow again. Repeat the process until the blaze dies. Step 7. Get experience and loot.

You may have to try hard to get to the prey, as the blaze flies. After that, set the difficulty to Peaceful.

Method 13 of 19: Cave Spiders

Cave Spiders are poisonous spiders that appear in places where monsters appear in abandoned mines. Cave Spiders will be smaller than regular spiders. Also, they are blue. Common spiders are black or dark brown, large in size and without venom. Skeletons do not ride cave spiders.

Step 1. Beware of gaps

Cave Spiders are much smaller than regular spiders and can squeeze through any gaps, however they are half a block high. Because of this, they are difficult to kill under normal conditions. Cave Spiders can detect your presence through walls, making them hard to surprise. Step 2. Cure poisonous attacks.

Unlike regular spiders, Cave Spiders have a venomous bite. If you are poisoned, your health will drop to half a heart. You can be cured by drinking milk, but it can take time. Try to use milk between battles. Step 3. Strangle the spiders.

Cave Spiders can hold their breath for 16 seconds and then die after another 6 seconds. If you flood or bury the spiders, you can deal with them with relative ease. Step 4. Destroy the monster spawner.

Cave Spiders spawn in a monster spawner, so by destroying a spawner you will stop them spawning. Step 5. Beware of the cobweb.

Such places are very often surrounded by cobwebs. It will slow you down and will not affect the speed of the spiders. Use your sword to get rid of the cobwebs.

Method 14 of 19: The Ghasts

Ghasts are mobs that fly in the Void. They look like large flying squids and shoot exploding fireballs. Some time ago, they did little damage, but now they kill with a few shots. They have a very large attack radius and can spot you up to 100 blocks away.

Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 41
Fight Mobs in Minecraft Step 41

Step 1. Aim at the tentacles

For some reason, arrows fly through their face. They have 10 HP, but you may have difficulty as they attack from 16 blocks away, which makes the task more difficult. Step 2. Dodge the fireball or hit it to reflect damage.

Fireballs are very easy to deflect (remember that it is possible to deflect fireballs with shots from your bow) and kill if the ball hits the Ghast. Don't hope for it and use the bow as your main weapon. Step 3. Since Ghast can fly, you will have to build bridges to get to the loot (Gun Powder and Ghast Tears) and experience.

Build them. Since the explosions of Ghast cannot destroy them.

Method 15 of 19: Multiple mobs

Sometimes, during a night hike, you may be surrounded by several mobs.

Step 1. Run on them

Do not be afraid, otherwise you may die. Step 2. Hit with critical hits. 3 Collect the loot.

Look around for other mobs.

Method 16 of 19: The Wither Boss

Step 1. When Wither appears, it will recharge its power and explode

After that, it will fly high into the air. Step 2. Use arrows and aim for the head or body. 3 After the Wither blood is half gone, you will see a white, shiny coating around it.

This means that it no longer responds to bow shots. Wither will not be able to fly high, and all you have to do is finish it off with a sword. Step 4. It drops Nether Star, which is used to create a beacon.

Method 17 of 19: The Magma Cube

Magma Cube is practically the same as slime.

Step 1. Try to be 5 blocks away. 2 Use a sword. 3 Kill the smaller ones that appear after killing the larger ones

Unlike the slime, the smaller Magma Cube will attack you.

Method 18 of 19: The Wither Skeleton

Step 1. Make the beams 2 blocks high above the ground in the Nether Fortress

The height of the Wither Skeletons is 3 blocks, so you can want under the beams and they can't. Step 2. When the Wither Skeleton appears, he will see you and will begin to approach.

When he comes to the beam, get close and beat him until he dies. Stay on the opposite side of the beam. Step 3. Collect the loot.

These are most often bones or coal, and sometimes a stone sword. Very rarely drops Wither Skeleton Skull, which is used to summon Wither boss.

Method 19 of 19: The Ender Dragon

Step 1. Let the dragon see you

After that, he will begin to move in your direction. Step 2. Use arrows.

Arrows will be most effective as the dragon can fly.


  • Feed the tamed wolves that you use in battles. Note: They can be fed with rotten flesh.
  • Wear more than one sword as it can break.
  • Cave Spiders can poison you; milk is the antidote. They only live in abandoned mines.
  • Fight the Ghasts by deflecting their own fireballs.
  • If you put a pumpkin on your head, the Endermen will not attack you, even if you look at the upper part of his body.
  • If Creeper blinks, run, he can explode and kill you with an explosion.
  • Look around after fighting the mob. Other mobs may be nearby, you won't like it if Creeper kills you from behind.
  • If you are not hunting for prey, then try not to attract the attention of monsters.
  • Creepers can explode.
  • The armor will be very useful.
  • Skeletons cannot shoot from one meter or less because the arrow spawns one meter away.
  • Maintain your hunger bar at 17 or higher to recover.
  • If you are attacking Iron Golems or Wild Wolves, change the settings to Peaceful mode.
  • If you are attacked by several mobs, dig a hole 3 blocks deep and place one block on top, and wait for the day. Also, you can build a hut in two clay blocks and break the bottom block. You will be able to see the legs of monsters and kill them without fear of getting damaged. Very often the monsters get bored and leave.
  • Enchant your weapon!
  • If you try to hit a wild wolf, his eyes will light up red and he will chase you. If this happens, run if you don't have good armor and weapons.
  • If you set the difficulty to Peaceful, all monsters will disappear.
  • After killing a Zombie, look out for other zombies chasing you. Zombies summon each other when they get damaged.
  • If you are near the Creeper and you don't have good armor and / or weapons, then you better step back.


  • Snow Golems can only damage other Snow Golems or Blazes.
  • Don't tame wolves or fight Creepers when you're in third person camera mode, as something bad usually happens.
  • Never go out without your armor. If you are just starting to play, then get the armor as quickly as possible.
  • Do not take equipment (except for the fishing rod) to fight the Endermen!

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