How to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 11 steps

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How to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 11 steps
How to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 11 steps

New Super Mario Bros. The Wii is the first 2D arcade game since the introduction of Super Mario World in 1991 that can be played on touch control consoles. The main hero of the game is everyone's favorite - Mario. However, whether you are a veteran or new to the series, playing on the Wii will not only introduce you to the new features in the series, it will also take practice. This article will help you understand all the intricacies of the new worlds of Mario.


Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 1
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 1

Step 1. Get to know the genre

As one of the best-selling games of the season, it stands out from all the other games. Most modern games are released in 3D, but this one is 2D (technically a mixture of 2D and 3D, called "2.5D"). You can only move in two directions: forward and backward. If you want to get acquainted with this genre in advance, then try playing the previous games in the series.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 2
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 2

Step 2. Learn the controls

In this classic side-scroller, the controls are intuitive and quick to remember. Hold the controller horizontally with your right thumb on buttons 1 and 2, and your left thumb on the D-pad and button A.

  • Cross: direction of movement (left / right). The down arrow is used in the air to hit hard in a fall. All four arrows are used only for moving around hedges (can be found in castles).
  • Button 2: jump. By holding the button, you can jump higher.
  • Button 1: hold down for fast running. If you press a jump while running fast, then it will be much higher than usual. In the presence of a fire or ice flower, the button allows you to run and shoot at the same time.
  • Konopka A: hide in the bubble. This ability helps a lot when playing multiplayer. If you hide in a bubble (for example, if you fall into a hole or you are attacked by a monster), then another player can burst it in a safe place, and you will not lose your life. This trick will not work in solo mode (you will lose a life).
  • + Button: pause / menu.
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 3
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 3

Step 3. Get to know the subjects

In New Super Mario Bros. a lot of both new and familiar items from previous games have appeared, which can greatly help or harm you in the process of passing the game.

  • Mushroom: Transforms Mario into a Super Mario that is stronger and bigger. Super Mario takes two hits before dying instead of one.
  • Fire Flower: Allows Mario to throw balls of fire. Activated by button 1. A monster killed in this way leaves a coin behind. Most (but not all) monsters can be killed this way.
  • Ice Flower: A new item in the Mario series. Allows you to turn monsters into ice blocks that you can pick up and throw.
  • Mini Mushroom: First appeared in New Super Mario Bros for DS. This mushroom will help you get into tight spaces, jump higher and soar for longer. However, be careful with him, Mario will die in one hit.
  • Propeller Hat: A new item that allows Mario to take off and float much longer than usual. Shake the controller to activate. Mario can take three hits before dying.
  • Penguin costume. Another new item that allows you to slide on ice and shoot snowballs at enemies. Also withstands three hits.
  • Green Mushroom: Grants one extra life. It is extremely rare.
  • Star: Gives Mario invulnerability and the ability to kill enemies by touching them. It also illuminates dark places.
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 4
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 4

Step 4. Know your enemies

The game features many enemies from classic Mario. Knowing their weaknesses will help make the game much easier. Here are some of the most common monsters:

  • Koopa: The most common monster. Jumping onto the carapace, you immobilize it, after which you can kick the kupo - this will knock down all enemies in the lane. Don't get in the way of the shell if it bounces off the wall and comes back. You will also come across flying kopas that can jump and hover in the air. Jump on their backs - this will rid them of the wings, turning them into regular kopas.

    Note: The difference between the red and the green ones is that the red ones stay on the edge of the cliff, while the green ones turn around and walk back.

  • Goomba: A walking mushroom, the weakest opponent in the entire game. He can be killed by jumping from above or with a fireball. There is also a flying species that can jump.
  • Spikes: A monster that spits spiked balls. They can often be found in higher elevations, making them powerful opponents. However, if you can dodge the spit, then the spikes will die after the first jump on the head. Just be careful not to jump when a new ball comes out of your mouth.
  • Bullet / Banzai Bill: Looks like black bullets with eyes and hands fired from a cannon. They can be frozen with an ice flower, allowing you to hop on Bill and climb into hard-to-reach places. An enlarged version of the monster is Banzai Bill, which can only be found in two levels of the game. Although they look formidable, they are easy enough to defeat. Just jump on him and he will die.
  • Swooper: Bat-like monsters that can be encountered in underground levels. They like to dive from the ceiling of the cave at the player. A jump to the side will help avoid their attack, and another jump will kill the swooper himself.
  • Lakitu: Kupa with glasses, flying on a cloud. They drop enemies on the player, which can be very dangerous at some levels. If you manage to jump onto such a coupe (for example, with the help of Yoshi), you can temporarily take possession of its cloud (controlled by a cross). However, after a few seconds the cloud will disappear and a new lakitu will appear.
  • Wigglers: can only be found in the poisoned swamps in the fifth world. They look like harmless yellow caterpillars, but they can kill you if you touch them. The only way to kill them is with a strong blow from the air (down arrow), if you just jump on such a monster, he will get angry, turn red and start moving faster. In the dungeons, you can face giant wigglers. They move much faster than normal ones and can crawl into swamps. Jumping does not make them angry, but be careful: they can drag you off the swamp.
  • Podobu: Fireballs with eyes that jump out of lava in fiery levels. Dodge them. They can be frozen.
  • Chim-Chip: Various types of fish that inhabit the aquatic levels. Despite their harmless appearance, they can be dangerous. You can avoid them by swimming by or by killing them with a ball of fire or ice. Be careful as each type of fish behaves differently.
  • Skeletons: Walking kop skeletons that inhabit levels with a castle and fortress. You can kill them only with the help of a star or by freezing, and then jumping from above or throwing.
  • Pokey: Several spiky balls, similar to a cactus, found on worlds with deserts. You can only win by running through them with an activated star or by feeding Yoshi. If Yoshi eats the head, the whole body will disintegrate. Sometimes the thorns on the body of the poke can disappear for a couple of seconds. If at this moment Yoshi eats any fragment of their body, then regardless of size, the entire monster will be defeated, leaving behind an egg. The egg contains coins, mushrooms or fire flowers.
  • Hammerbros: Elite Koopa warriors, often found in groups of 2-3. They know how to throw their hammers - be careful and dodge in time. Some of them are on floating platforms and can be killed by blows from below. They can also be killed by jumping from above or by shooting a fire flower.
  • Fire and Icebros: Same hamerbros, but shoot with fire or ice. They can be distinguished by the color of their carapace: common chamerbros have a carapace of green, fire red, and ice blue. Due to the range of the projectiles, these monsters are best avoided. You can kill them with a jump or, what an irony, fire / ice balls.
  • Carnivorous Plants: Usually crawl out of pipes. Some also spit fire.
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 5
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 5

Step 5. Explore each level

Each of the game levels is unique and different from the others. Do not be upset if you failed to complete the level on the first couple of attempts. If you are stuck for a long time - you have the opportunity to use the "Super Guide" function: in this mode Luigi appears and shows the optimal passage of the level. When playing for multiple players, you can help each other.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 6
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 6

Step 6. Defeating the bosses

This is very important, because without defeating the boss, you will not go further. Each of the bosses is Bowser's son. They first appeared in Super Mario World. Each of the bosses uses a unique pattern in which he tries to defeat the player. You must observe and memorize such patterns. If you saw an opportunity for an attack, jump on the boss's head three times.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 7
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 7

Step 7. Play with your friends

This is the first 4-player game in the Mario universe. You and four of your friends can play the entire game together as a team. The first player always plays as Mario, while the rest can choose from Luigi, blue and green Toad. The abilities of all characters are the same.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 8
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 8

Step 8. Enter the mushroom houses

Here you have a chance to get extra lives or items in a mini-game. You can apply the received items by pressing "1". Use them on the most difficult levels for you.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 9
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 9

Step 9. Use items wisely

For example, you can freeze monsters and climb them like stairs. Use a propeller hat to move faster and skip enemies.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 10
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 10

Step 10. Save the game

This can be done after you have passed the castle. During the passage of a level or world, saving is impossible. The quick save feature can only be used once per game.

Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 11
Play New Super Mario Bros. Wii Step 11

Step 11. Look for secrets

Most levels have more than one exit. You can find many useful things in secrets!


  • When playing with friends, you can hide in a bubble by pressing the "A" button. This can save you in case of danger. However, keep in mind that you can only get out of the bubble after another player has burst it. Shake the Wii controller to move towards the nearest player.
  • If you can't find a star anywhere, then try to go through the walls: in the world of Mario there are many fake walls behind which stars or doors to them are hidden.
  • Some enemies are better outflanked than fighting.
  • If you defeat Bowser again, you will see a slightly different ending.
  • On some levels from the block with the "?" an egg may appear, from which Yoshi, a mount, will hatch. Having jumped on it, you can move faster, jump higher and hang in the air (button "2"). If you press the "1" button, then Yoshi will stick out his tongue and eat nearby enemies. After eating the cops, Yoshi will spit out the shell as if Mario had kicked him.
  • Buu (ghosts) can only be destroyed with a star. They are very shy and will cover their face with their hands if the player is turned in their direction.
  • For most actions that say "shake the controller" (for example, pick up an object), in fact, one powerful jerk is enough. Constant shaking of the controller is needed only in two cases: to control a hat with a propeller and to control a bubble (multiplayer game).
  • The cannons will help you skip levels.
  • You don't have to match every coin in the level. Usually, players have problems with the passage precisely because they are trying to collect all the items on it. For coins, you can only get extra lives: 100 coins give one life.
  • After you defeat Bowser at the end of the eighth world, you can save anywhere (the "Quick Save" button will be replaced by the "Save" button). You will also get access to the ninth world.
  • This game can be played with a nunchucks controller.
  • Play with your friends and help each other. However, all levels of the game can be completed alone.
  • You can open all levels of the ninth world by collecting all the stars in the other eight worlds.
  • Always save after completing the castle.


  • In multiplayer game mode, if all players are in bubbles, then the level will end, and you will return to the map. In doing so, you will not lose your life.
  • Despite the seeming simplicity of the game, many levels (especially the last ones) can be very difficult.
  • You can only use quicksave once per game.
  • Completing the Super Guide does not count the stars collected.

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