How to play Angry Birds: 7 steps (with pictures)

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How to play Angry Birds: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to play Angry Birds: 7 steps (with pictures)

Angry Birds is a well-known game for smartphones and tablets with over 500 million downloads worldwide. In this article, we'll take a look at how to play it if you're not already familiar with its rules.


Play Angry Birds Step 2
Play Angry Birds Step 2

Step 1. Download the game to your phone, iPod, computer or tablet

There are free and paid versions of Angry Birds, and various modifications such as Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Star Wars. Play the free version to see if you like the game or not. (You will most likely like it.)

Play Angry Birds Step 1
Play Angry Birds Step 1

Step 2. So, figure out for yourself what you need to do

Your goal is to get rid of the green pigs, then you can complete the level. Access to pigs is blocked by various structures made of wood, glass, stone and other materials. You must use angry birds to destroy the obstacle and pigs.

  • You can download Angry Birds to MacBook from the MacBook App store. The PC version can be downloaded from their official website (in the form of a trial version, which is similar to the free version of the game for mobile devices and tablets). You will need to buy an activation key in order to unlock the full version of the game. You can also download the game through the app store in the Google Chrome browser.
  • For Android devices, the full version is free.
Play Angry Birds Step 3
Play Angry Birds Step 3

Step 3. Begin by pulling back on the slingshot with your finger

Depending on how much you pull it up or down, the bird will be high or low. The more you pull the slingshot, the farther the bird will fly, the weaker, the closer. Practice - and you will become more experienced, you can easily choose the right angle and point of fall.

In the computer version, you will do this with the mouse, not your finger /

Play Angry Birds Step 4
Play Angry Birds Step 4

Step 4. Remove your finger from the screen when ready

The bird must crash into an obstacle and cause damage. Repeat your actions until you have destroyed all the pigs or run out of birds.

Play Angry Birds Step 5
Play Angry Birds Step 5

Step 5. Examine your birds

As you progress through the levels, you will notice that there are many different types of birds that have different properties. Here's what each one does:

  • 1087723 5 1
    1087723 5 1

    Red Bird: The most common bird, it has no additional effects other than killing the pigs.

  • 1087723 5 2
    1087723 5 2

    Blue bird: click on the screen shortly before falling - and it breaks up into three small birds. It is best suited for breaking glass.

  • 1087723 5 3
    1087723 5 3

    Yellow bird: click on the screen and it will accelerate. Works best against wooden obstacles.

  • 1087723 5 4
    1087723 5 4

    Black Bird: Time Bomb. Click on the screen and it will explode. Let it crash into the obstacle so that you can press it after a short pause and let it detonate. Suitable for destroying stone walls.

  • 1087723 5 5
    1087723 5 5

    White bird: shoots eggs. The body will fly away and cause additional damage. It is also suitable for working with stone.

  • 1087723 5 6
    1087723 5 6

    Green bird: when pressed, flies in the opposite direction along the loop. The principle of operation is the boomerang effect.

  • 1087723 5 7
    1087723 5 7

    Big Brother Bird: Similar to the red bird, but slightly larger and stronger.

  • Orange Bird: Very small but inflates to a large size. Try inflating in a confined space.
  • Pink Bird: Small, but can attract objects using bubbles. Use it to destroy the foundations of the towers.
  • 1087723 5 8
    1087723 5 8

    Brave Eagle: Click on the button at the top of the screen, a sardine will appear. Direct it towards the obstacles and a brave eagle will appear. You will have to pay for this option, if you use it to a level not yet passed, you will have to wait an hour for this skill to roll back. Plus, you won't get a single star if you use this bird.

Play Angry Birds Step 6
Play Angry Birds Step 6

Step 6. Complete the levels

You can complete the level by killing all the pigs. If it didn't work out the first time, it doesn't matter, you can easily start over.

There are seven different groups of levels. Complete one of them and you will unlock the next one. There are 10 groups in In the Angry Bird seasons, while there are only two in Angry Birds Rio

Play Angry Birds Step 7
Play Angry Birds Step 7

Step 7. After the end of the episode, which consists of two or three groups of levels, the game will offer you to earn three stars at all levels

It may take a while (nobody wants the fun to end) There are many different guides, such as standalone apps or gameplay videos, that can help you.


  • Analyze the structures around the birds for weak points, such as weak support, weak points in the foundation, or areas that can cause significant damage to structures when struck. This way, you will have an idea of where to hit and can decide how you will use your birds.
  • You can unlock golden eggs as you progress through the game. They are usually hidden somewhere.
  • Check online cheater guides if you can't earn three stars or complete a level.
  • Check the app store for updates and add-ons.
  • Try to earn three stars in each level. Their number depends on the points received. You can replay the levels to get three stars.
  • Some levels can be completed using only one bird, others - with three, some of the three stars can only go with the use of additional birds.
  • There is an online store of Angry Birds-style stuffed toys and clothing. In addition, figurines of pigs can be purchased there. They can also be found in video game stores.
  • Try to use as few birds as possible, then you will get more points, and therefore more stars for passing levels.
  • Google users can play Angry Birds by visiting their Google+ page and selecting from a list of online games.
  • You can purchase Angry Birds Seasons with holiday themed (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter) or with add-ons dedicated to the seasons.
  • If you get a good shot, try to let the next bird go along the paved path.
  • In Angry birds seasons, try to find and get golden eggs. With the help of them, you can open additional levels.


If you use the mighty eagle to pass a level then it's out of action for an hour but if it's a level you already passed you can use the mighty eagle again

If you used a brave eagle to complete the level, you can re-use it only after an hour, but if the level has already passed, then you can use the bird immediately.

  • The game is addictive!
  • There are few levels in the free version of the game.

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