How to find all passwords for portraits in the computer game Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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How to find all passwords for portraits in the computer game Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
How to find all passwords for portraits in the computer game Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

12 portraits in the computer game Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can open up useful passageways through the Hogwarts School of Wizardry. However, when you try to get their passwords, it may seem to you that it is very difficult to obtain the information necessary to open the passages. If you want to figure it out on your own, you don't need to read further. This article was created for the desperate, or for those who did not understand what information the portrait asks for.


Find All of the Portrait Passwords for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PC Game Step 1
Find All of the Portrait Passwords for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PC Game Step 1

Step 1. Inspect everything and use general knowledge from books

If you want to find all the passwords for the portraits, you need to look everywhere and talk to everyone. Read the book. Sometimes, getting passwords happens the same way as in the book. If you are still having difficulties, here is the solution.

  • Fat Lady (Grand Staircase Gryffindor Lounge): The Gryffindor Prefects Ron and Hermione were informed on the train, but as soon as you (Harry) and Ron stand in front of the Fat Lady, you will see that Ron has forgotten the password. Ron suggests that you ask another Gryffindor student. Gryffindors are students with red stripes on their uniforms. Just ask one of these students and they will tell you that the password 'Mimbulus mimbletonia' is the same as in the book.
  • Basil Fronsac (Great Staircase Second Floor): Basil Fronsac, a scientist loyal to the Ravenclaw faculty, also has a password that is easy to obtain. Basil will ask you to ask a student of the Ravenclaw faculty where Candida Ravenclaw was born. Ask any student and they will tell you that she is from Glen. Return to Basil's portrait and give him this information. He will tell you that the password is 'Academic success'.
  • Owl Master (Library Fourth Floor): The Owl Master, drawn with a white owl and wearing a green pointed hat, asks for a password, which is difficult to obtain. When you stand in front of him, he will ask you to take the current Daily Prophet's number and read the heading. If asked, he will suggest looking in the Great Hall, where owls fly in and out with newspapers. He doesn't know how to get the owls to give you the newspaper, so you have to guess for yourself. Go to the Great Hall, go to the reading owls. Cast a spell Actio and the game will show you a scene of four owls throwing themselves from a height, and one of them (most likely Buckle) throws the Daily Prophet onto the nearest table. Pick up a newspaper and Harry reads the headline aloud. Then return to the Owl Master and provide him with the necessary information. He will tell you that the headline is boring (despite the fact that it is about death) and will tell you that the password is "No news is good news." Note that owls will descend only if the sky is cleared using the Depulso spell and the candles are removed.

  • Gifford Abbot (Great Staircase Courtyard of Transfiguration): This is another useful passage if you don't want to go through the Viaduct to get to the other half of the castle. Gifford is the patron of the Hufflepuffs, and as with Basil, you need to ask the Hufflepuff for the password. Since you helped Cedric Diggory last year, the Hufflepuffs (students with yellow stripes on their uniforms) will be happy to inform you that the password is 'Dragon's Egg'.
  • Dammara Dodderidge (Great Staircase Third Floor / Clock Tower): Dammara is dying of hunger the first time you speak to her. She will ask you to go down to Gifford and tell him that she wants to send some food. Go to Gifford, and he will ask you to tell her that he will see what can be done. Bring the good news to Dammara and she will tell you that the password is Meat and Gravy.
  • Percival Pratt (Great Ladder of the Boat Barn): This portrait loves rhymes, and will tell you "Look for a man with three faces" if you want to know his password. Such a portrait is on the seventh floor, this is a man in black who also guards a secret passage (we will talk about him later). He will say that he does not know the password, you need to talk to Basil. Do so and Basil will send you to the shepherdess. Shepherdess is hard to find, but she's on the second floor. Just look around and see her. She is easy to spot, as she often shouts out comments about people passing by. As soon as you speak to her, she will suggest that you talk to Google Stump. Google hangs near the entrance to the Viaduct and since it is the only portrait in this place (it also guards the passage), it will be easy to find it. In the end, he will send you to Gifford, who, thank God, knows that "the password is just absurd." Return to Percival and he will happily let you through to the Boat Barn.
  • Nervous Gentleman (Herbology Corridor Fifth Floor): The Nervous Gentleman is located in the Herbology Corridor, opposite the portrait with an eye. Anyone will feel uncomfortable when a huge eye is watching you. All you have to do to calm him down is to conjure Reparo on two broken statues of knights on either side of the eye. The eye will be obscured by the Gryffindor banner, and the Nervous Gentleman will thank you and tell you that the password is 'Burning Earwigs'.
  • Google Stump (Viaduct First Floor Entrance): If you ask him, Google will tell you and only you the password. Google will ask you to clear the Viaduct Entrance of visitors, so just point your wand at the students (or, if you've learned Stupefay, you can conjure it on students). They will run away. Stand in front of Google again and it will tell you that the password is 'Volo Futurus Unus' (Translated from Latin 'I want to be alone').
  • Boris Clueless (Third Floor Second Floor): Boris has not heard his password for 50 years, and generally forgot it. Now you need to find it out again by asking anyone who was at Hogwarts at least 50 years ago about the password. While Hagrid and Dumbledore come to mind first, they are not, as you actually need to ask Myrtle. Since she is in love with Harry, she will tell you that the password is 'Forget-me-not'.
  • Person with Three Faces (Seventh Floor Fourth Floor): This person wants you to find 'him' in another portrait. What he really wants is for us to find another door of his own passage. It's on the fourth floor and it's covered in cobwebs. Burn the cobwebs with a spell Insendio (if you haven't learned this spell yet, wait until you learn it) and talk to him. He will say that his password is 'One head is good, but three is better.'
  • Astronomer (Great Staircase-Dungeon Level Seventh Floor): Hannah Abbot at the dungeon level will not join Dumbledore's army unless you find a passageway to get her there safely. The passage is quite simple, since it is nearby, and you just need to ask the Astronomer about his password. He will say that his password is 'Deceitful Scoundrel'.
  • Slytherin Witch (Dungeon Dungeon Corridor): This portrait of the rather unpleasant Slytherin Witch allows only Slytherins and those who know the password to get through. She invites you to ask another Slytherin student for the password. Since you are well aware that the Slytherins will not tell you anything that people outside of Slytherin should not know, there is only one way to get this password - by eavesdropping. To do this, you must complete Ginny's task of obtaining Doxy's Poison from Umbridge's office (then you will be given the privilege of using the Cloak of Invisibility). Put on your Cloak of Invisibility and return to the Dungeon Corridor (at the end of the Great Staircase). There will be two Slytherins there, discussing how they will be late for Potions if they don't use the passage. Follow them to the portrait. Once they are there, they will tell the Slytherin Witch that the password is 'Slytherins are the best'. The witch will then tell them to be very disgusting for the Mudbloods, which will lead to laughter. Remove your Cloak of Invisibility and return to the hallway. Tell the Witch the password and she will reluctantly but let you through.

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