How to see all the endings for Mad Father: 7 steps

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How to see all the endings for Mad Father: 7 steps
How to see all the endings for Mad Father: 7 steps

Mad Father is a game created by Sen using the World RPG Editor. It was first released in Japan, then translated by Vgboy, the same person who translated many different indie games such as Witch's House and Ib.

The plot of the game Mad Father tells about a little girl Aya Drevis. Like most girls her age, Aya loves her father more than anything else. One night, on the anniversary of her mother's death, young Aya is awakened by her father's screams. She soon discovers walking dead and monsters all over the house. The girl tries to save her father and soon discovers a terrible truth. Beware, there are big spoilers in this article.


Part 1 of 3: How to See the First Bad Ending

Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 1
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 1

Step 1. Select the "Grant Mom's wish." At the end of the game, when you have completed all the other adventures in the cursed house, you have a difficult choice to make. The ending of the game will depend entirely on this choice.

You must choose between the following options: Grant Mom's wish and let her take Father away or Use ogre's magic water to save your father “Use ogre's magic water to save Father.” We choose the first one

Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 2
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 2

Step 2. Watch the video

The bad ending starts with Aya sitting alone in an empty room. Go north until you find a shocked Maria. Aya will tell her that her father is no more.

  • In the next scene, Aya and Maria stand in a church praying for their parents. When Aya wants to tell Maria that she can stay with her, the assistant suddenly gets up and runs to the girl. A scream is heard in the darkness.
  • In this ending, it is clear that Maria went insane after her father disappeared. After that, you will be shown the following scene: Aya is lying on the operating table, blood is draining from him, Maria is standing over her and says that she will take on the role of a doctor and continue his work.

Part 2 of 3: Second Bad Ending

Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 3
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 3

Step 1. Don't help Mary

As you play, remember that you do not need to help Maria. The game will continue even when you leave the Hidden Hall. If you take the room key from Maria, do not use it. Continue the game further, almost reaching the end.

Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 4
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 4

Step 2. Select the option to save father

Continue the game, solve riddles. After all this, at the end of the game, you will have two choices.

  • Don't worry if you haven't collected all the stones, it won't affect the ending.
  • Choose to save your father to see the second ending in the game.
  • Spoiler: Aya's mother walks away from her daughter, surprised by her decision. A bright light appears and Aya's mother disappears.
  • In the next scene, Aya is sitting in the room with her father. The truth is revealed that the doctor, Aya's father, did indeed cheat on her mother.
  • Aya's mother possesses her to show her what really happened. She shows her her father's experiments and how she died.
  • Aya's father is shown to be conducting research on how to transform a human body into a doll, while his subject is Aya. He wants to make a doll out of her in order to preserve her beauty forever.
  • The Doctor kills Aya's mother when she tries to stop him by stabbing her in the chest several times.
  • After that, Maria is completely shocked. She didn't want this to happen to her mistress. But she is also afraid of death, so she does whatever her father tells her. Together they dispose of the body, and tell Aya that her mother has died of an illness.
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 5
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 5

Step 3. Now you need to save

Run as fast as possible! The doctor will chase you with a chainsaw to kill you and turn you into a doll.

  • Aya's father will slowly approach you. Press Z as fast as possible, break down the door and escape!
  • Do not stop. Run down the hallway. Run to the end and wait for the father to come close.
  • As soon as he stops, press the lever and run past him to the north.
  • Once you are in the room, you will see Maria. The movie will start.
  • The doctor will finally show his true face. He tries to attack Maria with a chainsaw. Aya will approach Maria and see that she is still alive.
  • Now you need to make a decision. The ending of the game depends on it.
  • During the passage, you will die several times, it is very difficult to pass the first time.

Part 3 of 3: Choose whether to help Mary

Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 6
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 6

Step 1. Don't help Mary

If you decide that Maria deserves to die, Aya will leave the room and into the corridor.

  • In this part of the story, you will see the third bad ending. The father and his dolls will find Ayu and kill her.
  • A black screen will appear, then you will hear a scream. Then, you will see how Aya is sitting on a chair, she is wearing a beautiful dress, she does not move and there is no life in her eyes. Father turned Ayu into a beautiful doll, keeping her beauty forever.
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 7
Get All Endings in Mad Father Step 7

Step 2. Help Mary

This is the best ending in the game. Select the “Help Maria” option and find the bandage for her wounds. Together you and Maria will find a way out, the sound of a chainsaw will be heard in the distance.

  • Maria asks you to leave her, not listening to Aya's convictions she leaves.
  • In church, if you decide not to help Maria “Don't help Maria”, the same thing will happen. A doll will appear that will hold Ayu. Then a doctor will appear with a chainsaw …
  • Before the chainsaw touches Aya, knives are driven into the doctor's body. He falls to his knees and dies. Behind him is Maria - she came to Aya's aid. With the second movement of the knife, she gets rid of the doll.
  • After that, you will see a few more scenes. Dio appears and the girls run away from the cursed estate.
  • In the next part of the game, we are shown that Aya became a doctor. Maria helps her. Not everything is so good, in fact. Aya becomes the same doctor as her dad. She turns people into dolls …
  • Maria says before the end of the game: “Indeed, the mistress is much like you” (Indeed, the mistress is very similar to you).

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