How to play Dota: 14 steps (with pictures)

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How to play Dota: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to play Dota: 14 steps (with pictures)

Defense of the Ancients, or DoTA, or, in Russian tradition, Dota, is a player-made map for Warcraft 3. It is considered by many to be the most popular map ever made by players. Dota requires strategy, teamwork, skill, and a little bit of luck. Dota is a fast enough game and therefore can seem daunting for beginners. However, a little practice, a little useful advice, and even a beginner can succeed in it.


Method 1 of 2: Part One: Installing Dota

Play DotA Step 1
Play DotA Step 1

Step 1. You must have a Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne game and a account

  • You can buy the game from Blizzard's The Blizzard Store or from a retail store.
  • Go to and create an account, you won't be able to play Dota without it. Make your account name memorable.
Play DotA Step 2
Play DotA Step 2

Step 2. Download the Dota map

Go to the Get DotA website and download the map from the “Latest Map” section. Save the file.

Play DotA Step 3
Play DotA Step 3

Step 3. Copy and paste the map file into the maps folder of the game

This folder is located in the game directory.

Play DotA Step 4
Play DotA Step 4

Step 4. Download Warcraft III and log into your account

After logging in, the latest patch will be downloaded automatically.

Method 2 of 2: Part Two: Play and Tactics

Play DotA Step 5
Play DotA Step 5

Step 1. Join the game

Select a game from the “Custom Game” list. The name of the game should look something like this: Dota, version, game mod.

  • The most common mods are:

    • “- ap ”- you can choose any hero;
    • "- em"- the game is easier;
    • "- ar"- the hero is chosen randomly.
  • If you are a beginner, then try playing a few games with a random selection of the hero, so you will be able to play several different heroes. If you are already more or less tolerable playing some kind of hero, it is better to choose him. If this is your first game, then it is better to choose an easy and simple hero, say, "Skeleton King", which has the ability "Reincarnation", which allows you to return to life after death.
  • To select a hero, click on one of the buildings that you see in front of you and you will see a list of heroes available for selection. Choose one of them or enter “-random” into the chat line to choose a hero at random.
Play DotA Step 6
Play DotA Step 6

Step 2. Buy some basic items for your hero

First, determine what type your hero belongs to - Strength, Agility or Intelligence, respectively. This can be understood by comparing the parameters of the hero - the highest and determines the type.

  • The parameters can be seen by clicking on the hero and looking to the right of his portrait. Buy items in stores that improve the key parameter. First, go to the store by clicking on the woman figurine or the one that is closest to the fountain. Buy the “Boots of Speed” item. This item is the key to success, as in them the character will move faster and be able to escape from the alteration. If you are not playing very well yet, you may want to buy protective items like "Bracers".
  • Some items can be combined with each other and get much more powerful items. These combinations are called “Recipes”. Later, you will start buying recipes that are sold in other stores. To collect an item according to a recipe, you will need to keep all its components and the recipe in your inventory. If the recipe is not worth gold, then that means that you just need to collect the ingredient items together. The strength of a recipe depends on which store it is sold in. From weak to strong, the shops are ordered as follows: human peasant, orc worker, night elf spirit, undead acolyte.
  • As the character progresses, you will need to buy items that are better suited to him. The best way to find out which items are better and which ones are worse is to ask other players. However, many players are unlikely to help you, and even more, they will tease and humiliate you until you leave the game. So it's best to ignore them and keep playing.
Play DotA Step 7
Play DotA Step 7

Step 3. Level up your core skill

Click on the red cross icon in the character menu, look at the skills and choose the most useful one in your opinion.

Play DotA Step 8
Play DotA Step 8

Step 4. Select a line

The line is the path along which the so-called. creeps (computer controlled monsters). They will run along the line towards enemy monsters and attack them. Try to stand in line with an ally and follow their example. For each creep you kill, you will receive gold, besides, you will simply receive gold over time (if the easy option is chosen, then there will be more gold). To get more gold, do not attack creeps all the time, but finish them off.

  • The task of being on the lane is to stand and gain experience as long as possible without leaving the base for treatment. You gain experience when you are close to a kill (creep or enemy), so you can stand behind the backs of friendly creeps taking damage on yourself and calmly attack enemy creeps.
  • If you are alone on the line, do not hesitate to ask for help. If you are a beginner and you are opponents, then explain the situation to your teammates and they will most likely help you. You can ask someone to swap lines with you, and it also happens that someone voluntarily comes to your aid.
Play DotA Step 9
Play DotA Step 9

Step 5. Know your role in the team

The main problem for newcomers to Dota is that they don't know what to do during team fights. There are a few play styles, but listed below are the most important, key ones. Understanding other styles of play will come with experience.

  • Ganker.

    Heroes of this type have a lot of health (HP, hit points) and powerful attacks that hit the area. These heroes can withstand and deal a lot of damage. The hero-gankers include the hero Ax (Ax).

  • Carry.

    These heroes kill opponents for their team. Their finest hour is from the middle to the end of the game. They have many offensive abilities. An example of a carry is FL (Phantom Lancer).

  • Supportive.

    Heroes of this type are very important for the team, they support teammates (especially carries) and help them to kill and not be killed. An example of a support is Dazzle.

  • Baby Sitter.

    Heroes of this type are needed when the carries have problems with kills. The nannies help the carry kill until they can do it on their own.

Play DotA Step 10
Play DotA Step 10

Step 6. Don't waste your abilities on creeps

Use your abilities on enemy heroes to weaken them and then kill them (by yourself or in a crowd). After killing a hero, you will take his gold.

Play DotA Step 11
Play DotA Step 11

Step 7. Use towers

Towers on the line very powerful, do not climb under the enemy tower. Better to let your creeps beat someone else's tower a little. On the other hand, when your hero is low on health, the tower will most likely be safe.

  • Move, but stay behind the tower. Approaching enemies will deal with the tower, not you.
  • If 3 or more heroes of an alien team came to destroy the tower, retreat to the base.
Play DotA Step 12
Play DotA Step 12

Step 8. Buy on advice

If you have a lot of gold, ask the team what to buy. Choosing the right items will help you survive and win, so don't blindly buy items.

Different conditions - different items. For example, if you or your teammates are constantly being killed by a hero that cannot be killed one-on-one, collect an item like “Orchid”, “Cyclon” or “Hex” (they are called disables). So you can win a little time, during which your partners can have time to come to your aid and kill the enemy

Play DotA Step 13
Play DotA Step 13

Step 9. At the end of the game, focus on killing the enemy heroes

At the end of the game, you will need to get as much experience as possible, so it's best to start killing heroes. However, killing creeps is still necessary - you need money. Remember, Dota is a team game, so help your teammates.

Play DotA Step 14
Play DotA Step 14

Step 10. Remember the goal of the game

The objective of the game is to smash the enemy base and their main building (the Frozen Throne or the Tree of Life, The Frozen Throne and The Tree of Life, respectively). By destroying the enemy's barracks, you will strengthen your creeps, which is also useful.


  • Don't forget the minimap. An approaching enemy will appear on it. If the enemy is not visible, it means that he is in ambush. Therefore, you need to warn your team by saying “enemy hero_name mia” (abbreviation for missing in action) in the chat. If you do not warn your partners about this, and they will be ambushed and die - get ready, they will call you a noob (a beginner who does not know how to play) and add a couple more affectionate ones.
  • Learn to last hit creeps (it is also - money shoot). Press ALT to turn on the display of creep health bars and prevent your character from attacking them. When you see that the health of this or that creep is "one hit" - strike this blow and get money. This is not so easy, because each hero has his own style of attack and his own damage. However, for a Dota player, this is a MANDATORY skill.
  • Play as much as possible. This is essentially the only way to learn how to play Dota. Each game is unique and will teach you something new - how to react to the heroes of the opponent, how to play in a team, what things to buy, how to develop a hero. By the way, there is nothing wrong with imitating experienced players - after all, each character has several proven and recommended ways and models of development (builds, builds). You can move away from builds when you already more or less know how to play.
  • Play as different characters, experiment! A common mistake among Dota players is not to use any heroes that are “weak” because they are “too difficult”. You have to play all the heroes and soon you will learn to use all his potential and learn how to competently resist such a hero in the hands of the enemy. Not knowing the skills of other heroes is a mortal sin for a Dota player.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the game is won not by killers, but by pushers - those who kill creeps and destroy the enemy's baths, clearing the way to his base. Take care of your towers, because the enemy will seek to destroy them.
  • Always have a Town Portal Scroll with you. At the beginning of the game, it is especially useful, as it allows you to quickly move to another lane, where a lot of creeps are crowded.
  • Learn to farm (farm) - kill neutral creeps in your zone or in the enemy zone, especially if your hero's full potential is revealed only at the end of the game. do not get into a fight early, better - make money. For example, a Troll Warlord hero up to level 10 and a full inventory of items must farm, avoiding collisions (the same applies to the Drow Ranger hero).
  • Avoid one-on-one collisions early in the game and avoid any unwanted damage by staying behind your creeps.
  • If your hero is still weak and he does not have strong items, then do not meddle with the enemy's heroes, but focus on killing his creeps and destroying towers.
  • The most important thing in Dota is patience. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the hero, see where you come to at the end of the game and select items accordingly. Do not succumb to emotions, greed or provocations - sometimes it is better to step back to recover and consider tactics than to die and spend some time waiting for the resurrection.
  • If you understand that you cannot defeat the enemy hero, retreat to the base. Each death hits your pocket and the experience gained … and makes your opponent richer and more experienced.
  • In the latest versions of Dota there is a “-tips” mode, in which, at regular intervals, tips regarding the game with your hero appear.


  • If the name of the game contains the word “banlist”, then behave yourself - do not leave the game ahead of time, do not succumb to opponents, otherwise you will most likely be banned and you will no longer be able to play with the one who opened the game. However, until you are banned by most of the players, this will not be a big problem.
  • Since you are a beginner, do not be surprised - many will treat you aggressively, as you are … a beginner and still not playing well enough. But do not be discouraged - everyone started once. Ask for help politely and play as a team.
  • Do not leave the game if it has just started. This will greatly anger your teammates.

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