How to improve Honedja: 8 steps (with pictures)

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How to improve Honedja: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to improve Honedja: 8 steps (with pictures)

Have you just started playing Pokemon X and Y? The sixth generation of Pokémon games (X / Y and Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire) introduced a new steel / ghost Pokémon, Honage, shaped like a sword. In order for Honage to evolve into his second form, Dublade, you just need to level him up to level 35. To upgrade Dublade to its final form, Aegislash, you need the Dusk Stone.


Method 1 of 2: Evolution in Doublade

Evolve Honedge Step 1
Evolve Honedge Step 1

Step 1. Find Honage on Route 6

If you don't have Honage yet, don't worry - it's easy to find in Pokemon X and Y. Look for it on Route 6, which connects Route 7 to the Perfume Palace. Route 6 is marked with two rows of trees along the main road. To meet Honedj, you need to reach the tall grass behind the trees. In other words, enter the palace grounds and immediately exit through one of the side passages.

  • Honage appears about 15% of the time in tall grass. Before you run into Honage, you will most likely have to defeat a handful of Oddish and Sentrets.
  • Honedja can also be obtained from Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby, but only through exchange. You cannot catch Honage in these games.
Evolve Honedge Step 2
Evolve Honedge Step 2

Step 2. Catch Honage

The process of catching Honage on Route 6 is pretty straightforward. As soon as you get into combat with him, bring his HP (percentage of health) to a low level (without bringing him to fainting), and then throw your best Pokeball. The honage that you will encounter will be approximately level 11-12, so this battle cannot be called hard. Here are a couple of things you might find useful to know about:

  • Honage is extremely weak against ghost, fire, earth and dark attacks;
  • Honage is immune to normal, combat and poison attacks;
  • Honage takes normal damage from water and electric attacks;
  • Honage takes reduced damage from other types of attacks.
Evolve Honedge Step 3
Evolve Honedge Step 3

Step 3. Pump Honeja to level 35

Upgrade Honage using the usual methods. Since the captured Honage will be level 11–12, you will have to gain experience to reach level 23–24, only then will he be able to evolve. This can take a while, which can be shortened significantly by using things like:

  • Experience Device.

    this item distributes experience to all Pokémon in the group, not just those that participated in the battle. The XP Device can be obtained from Alex in Santaluna after defeating Viola.

  • Egg of Luck.

    the Pokémon holding this item will gain 50% more experience. The Egg of Luck can be found as follows:

  • Show the girl in the hotel lobby in Coumarin a Pokémon with a high friendship score;
  • Complete the Graffiti Eraser Level 2 at the PokeMileage Club
  • Defeat the wild Chansey in Friend Safari.
Evolve Honedge Step 4
Evolve Honedge Step 4

Step 4. Let it evolve

Upon reaching level 35, Honage evolves into Doubleade. No additional conditions or items are required for its evolution.

Method 2 of 2: Evolution in Aegislash

Evolve Honedge Step 5
Evolve Honedge Step 5

Step 1. Find the Sunset Stone in Terminus Cave

Dublade cannot be upgraded to his final form, Aegislash, by leveling up. Instead, you need to use a special evolutionary item called the Sunset Stone. This stone can be found in several locations in the game. The easiest way is to find him in Terminus Cave (on Route 18).

  • Route 18 will only become available after you defeat Team Flair and Lysander at their headquarters in Geoseng. Only then can you reach the cave and find the Sunset Stone.
  • The Sunset Stone can be found on the second basement level of the cave, on the far left of the map. It is located on the stalactite to the left of Iron.
Evolve Honedge Step 6
Evolve Honedge Step 6

Step 2. The Sunset Stone can also be obtained after the Secret Super Training

Another easy way to get the Sunset Stone is by playing the Secret Super Training mini-game. To do this, you need to complete the sixth training level - “Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half! " The Sunset Stone is one of five possible prizes for defeating the inflatable Aegislash.

  • The practice mini-games can be accessed at any time from the lower screen of the 3DS. It's an option to the left of the player finder and to the right of Pokemon-Amie.
  • Please note that only a fully trained Pokémon can take part in the Secret Super Training.
  • Winning within the given time frame will increase your chances of obtaining such a rare item as the Sunset Stone.
Evolve Honedge Step 7
Evolve Honedge Step 7

Step 3. Get the Sunset Stone in a different way

There are other ways to get the Sunset Stone in Pokemon X and Y. While they are not as straightforward as the options above, they are also worth mentioning:

  • Get the Sunset Stone after the third level of the ball mini-game at the PokeMileage Club.
  • The Sunset Stone can be obtained by defeating Trainer Inver on Route 18 with a score of 7-9. In this battle, the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokémon are reversed. The final score is made up of the number of successful effective attacks minus the number of ineffective ones. The Sunset Stone is one of ten possible prizes at a cost of 7-9 (along with other evolutionary stones).
  • The Sunset Stone can be obtained for defeating Team Flair Grant in Laverra. But only after defeating the Elite Four.
Evolve Honedge Step 8
Evolve Honedge Step 8

Step 4. Use the Sunset Stone on Doublade

With the Sunset Stone, Dublade's evolution will be nowhere easier. Just use the item on Doubleade to trigger evolution and become the owner of Aegislash!

  • Since the Sunset Stone is a one-time use, think carefully before using this rare item.
  • Although the evolution of Dublade has no level requirements, you might want to wait until the Pokémon has learned all the useful skills that are not available to Aegislash. Click here to go to a page listing all available Dublade skills.


  • Wait until Doubleade has learned the Sacred Sword skill at level 51 before upgrading it! This attack is capable of inflicting great damage, ignoring the enemy's defense and evasion rate. Aegislash himself is not able to learn this skill through pumping, so if you evolve it too early, you will lose the opportunity to get it.
  • Aegislash has the unique ability to switch between Shield and Sword forms. Shield Form gives an increase to the indicator of defense, and the Form of the Sword - to the indicator of attack.

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