How to Bypass Internet Filters in Iran: 3 Steps

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How to Bypass Internet Filters in Iran: 3 Steps
How to Bypass Internet Filters in Iran: 3 Steps

In some Asian and Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, China and Afghanistan, the government has installed a filtering system for Internet pages, so people who connect to the Internet in these countries do not have access to up to 70% of websites. For example, Facebook is not even available for Iranians! It is blocked. This is really annoying, but it's not new. There are several ways to bypass filtering.


Skip Internet Filtering in Iran Step 1
Skip Internet Filtering in Iran Step 1

Step 1. Change your IP address and proxy server

Once you do this, you are no longer in your country! Physically, nothing has changed, but virtually you are, for example, in America or Germany, or in any other country where there is no Internet filtering (depending on your software to bypass filtering and a new IP address). One way to change the IP address is with software like "Ultra Surf". There are many versions of this software, but Ultra Surf 9.8 is the easiest to find. To download this program, you need to go to the Google page and enter "download u98" in the search field, find an unblocked site and download this program from it. After downloading, open the program and wait for it to connect, then you can use it for free, but with a limited connection speed!

  • Another software that is safe for political movements is Tor. Search Google for "Tor" and find a site that is not blocked to download the software from there. Then unzip the downloaded file, launch the program and wait for it to connect. Tor uses three IP addresses at a time, so data flows through three different countries, making Tor really secure, but not too fast!
  • Another software that you can easily download and install is "Free Gate". At the moment, this is the easiest way to bypass filtering. Search for a website on Google (most Iranian websites are NOT blocked with this program now) and download Free Gate. After downloading, launch the program and wait for it to connect. When the new IP address is displayed, you are free to use the Internet. Also, this software does not affect the speed of your connection.
Skip Internet Filtering in Iran Step 2
Skip Internet Filtering in Iran Step 2

Step 2. Consider using a VPN

VPN allows you to bypass Internet filtering, but you need to purchase this service. But where? There are a lot of advertisements on Iranian websites about selling VPNs, ignore them as most of them are for the government and they can easily control you. Be careful because many are being arrested for this. The safest way to buy a VPN is at an Internet cafe. They will give you a connection program, username and password. Then you use your username and password to connect with your program to a server in another country, for example, in the United States. Then you can safely use the Internet at high speed.

Skip Internet Filtering in Iran Step 3
Skip Internet Filtering in Iran Step 3

Step 3. Try Socks

Socks is similar to VPN, but does not need to be purchased online like VPN. You can get Socks at an Internet cafe. It looks like a VPN, but it's not that easy to use. When you buy, the seller will explain to you how to use it. This is the best way to bypass filtering, fast and safe.


  • VPN prices vary. They vary by country and VPN duration. For example, the USA is the most expensive country.
  • The Free Gate policy does not permit pornographic material.
  • Socks expire one month after first use and you can renew it at the end of the period. This is not available for VPN and at the end of the term they stop working.
  • Remember, "Ultra Surf" only works with "Internet Explorer" unless you configure another web browser to use its proxy server. More information can be found on the Ultra Surf help page. (Google Chrome uses the same settings as Internet Explorer, which means you don't need to customize it.)
  • When using a VPN, if you are not doing anything political or SPREADING pornography, you can use a cheap German VPN, otherwise it’s safer to use a US VPN.


  • Due to the US embargo, you may have difficulty buying a VPN in Iran. Many internet billing systems will not be able to process your payment from Iran.
  • If you're traveling to Iran, get a VPN before you travel. If you are already in Iran, ask your friend or relative outside the country to make the payment for you. When this is not possible, you can contact your VPN service provider and ask them for advice on how you can pay for VPN from Iran.
  • When you buy VPN or socks, make sure you pick the internet cafe you want, or have a friend guide you.
  • Be careful, if you do something political and against the government, use the safest way, because if you are arrested there is no guarantee that you will ever get out of jail.

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