How to use a laptop at school: 6 steps

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How to use a laptop at school: 6 steps
How to use a laptop at school: 6 steps

If you have poor handwriting or organization problems, the solution may be to use a laptop at school. This article will explain what you need to know about using and caring for your laptop for school.


Step 1. Find out if students at your school are allowed to bring and use laptops

Ask the principal if you can use the laptop in class (with permission from all teachers), but note that you may not be allowed to use the internet or play games during class.

Use a Laptop for School Step 2
Use a Laptop for School Step 2

Step 2. Go to a computer store (M-Video, Enter, etc.)

or go to the store's website and buy a laptop. Pick the one you like and make sure it suits your needs and fits into the amount you're looking for. Do not spend more than 80,000 rubles on a laptop, as most likely in such a laptop there will be more functions than you will need for school. Also, try to get a lightweight laptop so that it is not heavy for you to carry. And make sure the screen is big enough for you to read easily!

Use a Laptop for School Step 3
Use a Laptop for School Step 3

Step 3. Understand the differences between Windows, Mac and Linux

Price, quality, size, storage capacity and other factors vary across the three main operating systems. Consider using Linux for more speed, security, for less (it's free).

Use a Laptop for School Step 4
Use a Laptop for School Step 4

Step 4. Buy any version of Mac or Microsoft Office software and install it on your laptop

Alternatively, you can use free text editors such as LibreOffice or Kingsoft Office. It is much less convenient to write in Notepad than in Word or LibreOffice. Make sure you have an internet connection to search for information.

Use a Laptop for School Step 5
Use a Laptop for School Step 5

Step 5. Create an account yourself

Choose a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess (such as school number or year of birth). The best password is one that contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Step 6. If you got admin access, take your laptop to school and use it for notes, test reminders, research, and more.



  • Try to buy a laptop ahead of the holidays (New Year, Christmas, Independence Day, etc.) to get a discount.
  • The teacher or other students may ask you to print your notes. Either way, your notes are much better now!
  • Print out notes or other important information before giving your notes.

    You cannot simply hand over the outline to them as if you had written it by hand. Print your synopsis and check for errors before submitting it.


  • Don't let friends or classmates use your laptop in class.

    They can delete a desired file or cause trouble due to the use of the Internet.

  • It goes without saying, but do not eat or drink anything while using your laptop!

  • Do not use the Internet to play games unless you have received permission from your teacher and principal.

    This can get you in trouble.

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