How to clean a computer monitor (with pictures)

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How to clean a computer monitor (with pictures)
How to clean a computer monitor (with pictures)

It is simply unpleasant to use a monitor with unsightly scratches, accumulated dirt and dust, greasy fingerprints on its screen. However, it is very important to use a gentle and gentle method when cleaning your monitor, because monitors are made of a material that can be easily scratched if cleaned with too abrasive products. In this article, we will show you how to clean your computer monitor without damaging it, and you will also learn how to remove light scratches from the monitor.


Part 1 of 2: Clean up your computer safely

Clean a Computer Monitor Step 1
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 1

Step 1. Turn off your computer and monitor and unplug them

When the monitor is turned off, it is much easier to see dust and dirt marks, and it is safer for you and your computer.

  • Make sure that it has cooled down before cleaning the monitor or plasma TV.
  • If you start cleaning your monitor before it has cooled down, chances are you will ruin it.
  • If you clean the monitor while it is on, you can get an electric shock. The risk is not great, but it is better to avoid problems than to face them.

Step 2. Clean the monitor frame

Spray Windex glass cleaner or similar on a cloth and wipe the monitor frame, wiping off dust and dirt (DO NOT GET ON THE SCREEN IN ANY OCCASION, otherwise the anti-reflective coating may be damaged).

  • Monitor cases are usually made of durable plastic, so a little friction is unlikely to damage it.
  • Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the cabinet, as it may accidentally spill onto the monitor screen, some of the cleaner may seep through the slots and damage the monitor.
  • Wipe the monitor base, buttons and the back of the monitor. Wrap a corner of the cloth around your finger or a toothpick to clean hard-to-reach areas and crevices.
  • If there are any wires leading from the monitor to an outlet or power supply, unplug them and wipe them too.

Step 3. Wipe the monitor with a clean, soft cloth

A microfiber cloth works best. This fabric is anti-static and streak-free and is soft enough to leave no scratches on the surface. Use this dry cloth to wipe off dust, dirt and streaks.

  • Do not use towels, paper products, or other rigid materials for this purpose. They leave streaks and may even scratch the screen.
  • Disposable rags (such as Swiffer brand) are perfect.
  • Do not put pressure on the screen or try to scrub off dirt or scratches. Otherwise, you may damage the screen, and then the color reproduction of the monitor may be impaired.
  • If the monitor screen is very dirty, wipe a part of the screen, then rinse with a cloth or use a new one. Wipe the screen very gently and do not apply pressure.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 4
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 4

Step 4. Do not use ammonia, alcohol or acetone based cleaners

These products can easily damage the microstructure of the screen, especially if the screen has a matte anti-reflective coating.

  • Use distilled water if necessary. It is distilled, not running water, because running water can leave traces of mineral components on the screen.
  • The cloth should be barely damp.
  • Consider purchasing a dedicated monitor cleaning solution. Read the annotation and application method of the cleaner to make sure it is suitable for cleaning your monitor.
  • Mix equal parts water and white vinegar to make a gentle cleaning solution from your own hand. Then lightly dip a cloth in there so that it becomes slightly damp (but not wet!)
  • Always apply the cleaning solution to a cloth, not to the screen, to prevent liquid from seeping into the monitor. If drops of solution get on the screen, they can damage the microstructure of the monitor.
  • Do not use lathering solutions that may leave marks.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 5
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 5

Step 5. Try cleaning the screen with a monitor cloth

They are made specifically for cleaning the monitor and are convenient to use.

  • If you have an anti-reflective screen, make sure these wipes are made of a material that is gentle enough to work with the screen.
  • Read reviews and reviews on cleaning wipes, or ask a store consultant to help you choose the right brand.

Step 6. If you come across stubborn stains, try wiping them with sweeping motions from right to left or from top to bottom across the screen

It is best not to apply circular motions as otherwise damaged “polished” areas may appear on the monitor.

  • Do not press too hard on the screen while trying to remove the stain.
  • Be patient. It will most likely take some time for the solution to soak into the old stain before you can gently brush it off.
  • To help the cleaner absorb faster, hold the cloth over the stain area for a while.
  • Never spray the cleaner directly onto the stain area, even if it is an old stain!
  • After removing the stain, gently wipe the screen dry with a clean piece of cloth.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 7
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 7

Step 7. Do not turn on the monitor until it is completely dry

This way, moisture that may have got into the monitor while cleaning it will not damage the monitor and you can avoid electric shock.

Part 2 of 2: How to Get Rid of Scratches

Clean a Computer Monitor Step 8
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 8

Step 1. Check the warranty card

If the monitor is scratched, it may still be possible to replace it.

  • Read what conditions are listed on the warranty card to understand what options you have.
  • Once you try to repair the scratches yourself, the warranty will not cover further damage.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 9
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 9

Step 2. Buy a scratch repair kit

Your local computer and hardware stores may have kits for removing scratches from LCD monitors. However, such products are often not found in such stores. There are two professional scratch removal kits: "Displex Display Polish" and "Novus Plastic Polish". You can order them on ebay or amazon. Perhaps someone in your city sells similar sets, check by entering the appropriate search query in the search engine.

  • After choosing a kit for removing scratches, read reviews about it.
  • To minimize scratches, follow the advice in the instructions for use of this product.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 10
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 10

Step 3. To temporarily get rid of the scratch, try Vaseline

Take a cotton swab and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the scratches.

  • If the scratch is small, applying a small amount of Vaseline is a safe and effective option.
  • This way you will not reduce the scratch, but will make it less noticeable.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 11
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 11

Step 4. To buff up the scratch and make it less visible, use toothpaste

But not gel-based, because it won't work!

  • Dab some of the paste on a rag or microfiber cloth and work it over the scratches.
  • Wait for the paste to dry a little, then wipe with a clean, slightly damp cloth.

Step 5: You can also hide the scratch with baking soda

Make a paste with some water and baking soda to help remove minor scratches.

  • Mix baking soda with water (2: 1 ratio). For a thicker paste, add a little more baking soda.
  • Dab some of the paste on a microfiber cloth or cloth and work over the scratches.
  • Wait for the paste to dry, then wipe the area with a clean, barely damp cloth.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 13
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 13

Step 6. For deeper scratches, try a scratch remover

You can buy it at an automotive store, electronics stores, and order from an online store.

  • When using such a tool, be very careful. It should only be applied to the damaged area of the monitor. Consider testing the product by applying it to the corner of your screen.
  • Apply quite a bit of this product to a cotton swab and back and forth over the scratch until removed.
  • Apply the product to the scratch, wait a few minutes and dry thoroughly.
  • Wipe the screen thoroughly with a clean cloth, after using a monitor cleaner or diluted vinegar.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 14
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 14

Step 7. Try to remove scratches with clear varnish

This option is suitable for an old monitor, and also if there is a possibility that the scratch will become even larger if you do nothing with it. Note that the screen will be a little hazy in the area where the varnish is applied.

  • Make a hole in the piece of paper. This hole should be slightly larger than the scratch. A piece of paper is needed to insulate the rest of the screen. Cover the entire screen, keyboard, buttons - in one word, everything except the scratch.
  • Spray a thin layer of varnish on the paper through this hole so that the varnish goes through the "stencil" directly to the scratch. Then remove the paper, but be careful not to smear the varnish!
  • Alternatively, you can also use clear nail polish to help keep the scratch clean. Use a small brush or toothpick to gently apply the polish to the scratch.
  • Clear varnish can be found in beauty supply stores and home improvement stores.
  • Make sure the varnish is completely dry before turning on the monitor.
  • Use varnish only in a well-ventilated area.
  • Before applying varnish to the monitor screen, make sure that it (the screen) is completely clean.
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 15
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 15

Step 8. Use these methods at your own risk

Remember: there is always the possibility of damage to your monitor!

  • Anti-reflective monitors may have shiny spots.
  • Which is better - to leave everything as it is and accept the scratch or be left without a monitor? Find a compromise.
  • Use common sense and remember, less is more (less cleaning agent, less friction, and so on).
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 16
Clean a Computer Monitor Step 16

Step 9. Consider buying a screen protector to help prevent future screen scrapes

That's a small price to pay for a scratch-free screen!


Always read the manufacturer's instructions for the specific model

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