How to look like Angelina Jolie

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How to look like Angelina Jolie
How to look like Angelina Jolie

Who doesn't want to look like Angelina Jolie? Many believe that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. In order to look like her, it is not enough to copy her appearance, you need to master her energy. If you really want to look like her, you need to start with confidence.


Method 1 of 5: Get an Angelina Body

Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 1
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 1

Step 1. Eat right

Angelina is known to eat healthy foods such as steamed fish, vegetables, and soy milk. She also enjoys eating healthy soups. In order to gain muscle mass for movie roles, she follows a strict diet.

  • Angelina tries not to smoke and drink sugar-free coffee.
  • During the filming of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, she worked to gain muscle mass to make her body look more athletic. She followed a high protein, low carbohydrate diet that also included lots of steamed water and vegetables. She did not eat red meat or wheat. Angelina enjoyed the salads.
  • In order to maintain muscle and not lose a lot of weight, she ate four to five times a day.
  • She only drank alcohol on weekends and did not eat fast food.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 2
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 2

Step 2. Train

Angelina is a slender woman, for some roles she needed her figure to look athletic, and sometimes she needed to look slim to the point of exhaustion. In any case, to really look like her, you have to exercise daily. Diet is also important, but don't forget about exercise.

  • Angelina has practiced kickboxing and other martial arts for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Salt. They are good for building up your thigh muscles and burn a lot of calories.
  • Angelina says she lacks the patience for yoga, although she used it in the movie Malificent to strengthen her spine.
  • In order to train your ass like hers, work out in the gym. Try lunges and squats. Angelina combines aerobics training and endurance training. She loves to work out on a program that includes exercises for the arms, abs, chest and legs.
  • For example, the workout can include forward lunges, side lunges, squats with dumbbells 2-4 kg. The workout also includes abdominal exercises, biceps training, rock climbing. These exercises alternate with intense cardio workouts of 30-45 minutes of running or jumping rope.

Method 2 of 5: Hair Like Angelina

Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 3
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 3

Step 1. Wear long hair

In 1998, Angelina cut her hair short and got a pixie cut. But this is not her usual style. Much more often she can be seen with long hair with light natural waves.

  • You will never see Angelina's curls. No one has ever seen her with her hair, like after chemistry.
  • Usually Angelina's hair is shoulder-length.
  • Avoid short bangs. Angelina can often be seen with long bangs to her side.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 4
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 4

Step 2. Dye your hair auburn color

As with hair length, Angelina experimented with color for her movie roles. For example, she turned platinum blonde in 1999 for the film, Girl, Interrupted, but her hair typically ranges from dark brown to auburn.

  • Sometimes Angelina gives a reddish tint to her brown hair. At the same time, the hair strands are lightened and then toned. Her main hair color is brown.
  • Don't overdo it with toning. Her hair is almost natural auburn color, just by toning it has added a bit of softness to the shade.
  • Angelina keeps hair healthy and shiny with Aveda and Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 5
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 5

Step 3. Add some curls

Angelina is a fan of natural curls. In order to achieve natural curls, you need to wind them on large curlers or wind them with a curling iron. Make sure your curls aren't too tight and look natural.

  • Take a random section of hair, wrap it up, and then comb it well. Roll up a small section of hair, roll it up, use fixing hairspray, and then loosen it.
  • To add volume at the roots, lift up a section of hair and dry without dropping it. While lifting strand by strand this way, continue drying. Put your head down and dry your hair like this, then use hairspray, do not raise your head until the varnish dries. Then raise your head.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 6
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 6

Step 4. Experiment with different hairstyles

Angelina loves to experiment with different hairstyles when presenting awards. One of the favorite hairstyles is when one part of the hair is raised and the other is loose.

  • For a similar hairstyle, use large curlers. Start with a bang in the middle of your forehead and continue curling your hair from the front of your head, back to create volume. … Roll them toward the face.
  • If you use smaller curlers, you will get smaller curls. Thanks to the large curlers, there will be more volume. You can also use a hair curler instead.
  • The further you move towards the back of the head, the larger the curlers should be used.
  • Curl the ends of your hair inward. Leave them rolled up for several hours. If you are short on time, you can blow dry your hair. Be careful not to let the curlers loose when drying.
  • Remove the curlers starting at the top. Gather your hair at the crown. Use a round comb to comb through them. Use hairspray. Do the same with the hair at the front of the head. When the varnish is dry, comb your hair.
  • Take a section of your hair and pin it in the back.

Method 3 of 5: An Angelina Face

Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 7
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 7

Step 1. Play with eye makeup

The main focus on Angelina's face is her beautiful eyes. She focuses on them, and not on naturally full lips.

  • Make sure the eyeshadow matches your skin color exactly and is not too dark. Angelina prefers natural eye makeup. Apply eyelash shadow to the upper lid. Apply shadows of a darker shade to the crease, to the edge of the eye the amount of shadows must be increased.
  • Try light brown eyeshadow or light gray. You can also use nude or peach shades.
  • For appearances, Angelina uses a vamp image, smokey makeup. She uses terracotta colors or charcoal.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 8
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 8

Step 2. Use mascara and liquid eyeliner

She almost always uses mascara and liquid eyeliner. This is part of her daily makeup.

  • Angelina has long eyelashes. You may need to apply two coats of lengthening mascara to get the lashes look like hers. You can stick on your lashes, but don't overdo it.
  • Try using liquid eyeliner only on the top of your lashes. Start from where the eyelashes are growing and work towards the edge of the eye for a feline look.
  • You won't see her with tinted eyes underneath or a tinted inner eyelid. Even if she makes up her eyes in this way, it will be done unobtrusively.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 9
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 9

Step 3. Try to do soft makeup

The days when she loved Gothic are over. Since becoming a mother, her makeup has become much softer and more natural.

  • Use a brown brow pencil to highlight the brows. Angelina does not have thin eyebrows, and she emphasizes them well. Just paint the brows in their natural shape. Go for an eyebrow shaping first.
  • According to one makeup artist, Angelina never uses blush. Instead, she applies a moisturizer to the face, followed by a thin layer of foundation, such as Laura Mercier Foundation, Honey Beige. She also uses Stila Cover up in shade B to mask dark circles under her eyes. She also uses Mineral Veil powder. Make-up is easy without weighing the skin down.
  • The main goal is to accentuate natural beauty, not make makeup visible.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 10
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 10

Step 4. Apply neutral lipstick

Angelina's makeup artist says she rarely uses dark or bright lipstick colors and prefers natural shades. Mostly because she already has plump and beautiful lips.

  • MAC's Blankety eyeshadow, Clinique's Long Last Soft Shine, Glow Bronze and Mac Kinda Sexy are the shades that Angelina uses. She's also said she likes Urban Apothecary's Charm and Chantecaille Brilliante Glosses in Love and Charm.
  • Angelina occasionally wears bright red lipstick at awards, such as at the Cannes Film Festival during the premiere of Inglourious Basterds. But this is rather an exception, you will not see bright colors in her everyday makeup.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 11
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 11

Step 5. Make your lips look fuller

Angelina's lips are naturally plump. If you don't have them, you won't look like her. There are a few tricks on how to plump your lips though.

  • Use a light brown lip liner, in order to enlarge them a little, go beyond the contours of the lips. Then apply a natural color lipstick or lip gloss to your lips. You can color the center of the lips with a color lighter than the base tone to make the shape of the lips more similar to its shape.
  • She uses Blistex Lip Balm.
  • Some Angelina fans use lip injections to plump them up, but for a natural look, it's best to just use special makeup techniques.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 12
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 12

Step 6. Apply facial sculpting techniques

… Angelina is known for her fair, healthy skin. You will never see her after a tanning salon, with an artificial tan.

  • In order to achieve what you want, you need to apply a foundation on your face. Then apply the foundation a couple of shades darker on the cheekbones and along the contour of the face. Don't forget to highlight the jawline.
  • Blend the foundation with a brush, and after blending, apply the highlighter powder to the midline of the nose, under the eyes, on the forehead and the middle of the chin.
  • One of the makeup techniques involves the use of light gray and peach shades. You can also use light brown eyeshadow to accentuate the nose. To soften the contours, use a softer nap brush.
  • Angelina has well-defined cheekbones. You can use grayish eyeshadow to highlight your nose and lips. Then blend these areas with powder. Then use concealer under the eyes and brows.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 13
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 13

Step 7. Take care of your skin

Angelina's makeup artist says that she does not wash with soap and always uses a cream for UV protection. She also uses nourishing skin creams and cares for her face daily.

  • Angelina can use La Prairie's Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and YonKa Advanced Optimizer Crème Serum.
  • When she was pregnant, she used Bella Mama's skincare line.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 14
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 14

Step 8. Green-blue eyes

Angelina has blue-green eyes. If your natural eye color is different, you can wear lenses.

To make your eyes appear larger, tint the inside of the eyelids with a white pencil

Method 4 of 5: Dress Like Angelina

Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 15
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 15

Step 1. Wear black clothing

Almost always, when you see Angelina outside the house, she is in black. Whatever you do, don't wear pastel colors. She never does that. You can see her in colored dresses at the awards, but black is the base color.

  • Decide which period of Angelina's life you want to match. She is known for loving to change her style. In 1991 she wore boots with metal inserts and went exclusively in black, but now her style is much softer, but she still loves black.
  • In fact, most of Angelina's clothes are completely black. She doesn't like mixing colors and usually wears monochrome clothes.
  • Angelina combines black with either white or brownish. For evening gigs and awards, Angelina opts for classic long black dresses, but in some photos we can see her in red or green dresses.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 16
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 16

Step 2. Master of business dress code

At official meetings, Angelina wears jackets and trousers, thanks to inconspicuous clothes, she focuses attention on her words.

  • She prefers monochrome clothing and is often seen wearing black or white suits.
  • Since Angelina wants to be taken seriously, her business suit is never vulgar. You will never see huge necklaces, she usually wears a simple jacket and T-shirt.
  • Sometimes she combines blazers and short skirts.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 17
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 17

Step 3. Wear regular clothing

Angelina can dress up for important events, but she does not “put on her clothes” in order to go to the toy store with the children.

  • Wear shoes without heels. During the day, Angelina wears comfortable clothes. She always wears flat shoes. You will never see her going to the store in high heels. She most often wears beige ballerinas, often paired with black clothes.
  • Don't wear too many accessories. Angelina never looks clumsy. You won't see her with big earrings or lots of shiny accessories. She loves to wear simple but classic pieces like diamond studs.
  • Wear leather items. Before the birth of children, Angelina wore leather things much more often, however, even now you can sometimes see her in such clothes. No one will forget her leather dress at the premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina wears leather pants too.

Method 5 of 5: Get Angelina's Energy

Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 18
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 18

Step 1. Be sure of everything

She walks with her head raised through life. Understand how to build your self-confidence and your strength. Remember, everyone has flaws, even Angelina. Confidence won't help you look like Angelina, but it will definitely make you more attractive.

  • Angelina clearly understands who she is. This can be seen in her posture and appearance. You have to believe in yourself.
  • Because of her confidence, Angelina has her own unique style. You can follow the tips aimed at being like her, or you can simply create your own unique style, emphasize your natural beauty, this will create an atmosphere of self-confidence. Get the courage and confidence to be yourself.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 19
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 19

Step 2. Get a tattoo

Over the years, Angelina has done many tattoos, most of them on her arms. They all have meaning.

  • Make sure the tattoos aren't meaningless. For example, she has tattoos that show the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children. She used to have a tattoo with her ex-husband's name - “Billy Bob”.
  • One of her tattoos features the Japanese symbol for death, but she says the symbol helps her remember to live life to the fullest. She is fascinated by death and wore a necklace with a blood bubble for a long time.
  • She also has tattoos on her belly and wrist. One of them is made in honor of her brother, and the second is a quote from Tennessee Williams.
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 20
Look Like Angelina Jolie Step 20

Step 3. Show your passion for something more than yourself

Part of Angelina's appeal is that she doesn't seem like an “empty” star who only cares about herself. She always tries, is interested in more than her own ego.

  • Angelina loves children. It is an obvious fact, she has adopted several children from different countries, she also has children of her own. She is often photographed with children. Photos of the mother and the “wild” baby give Angelina an incredible appeal.
  • Angelina's actions always make sense, no matter what she does. She helps people affected by the hostilities who do not have enough food, she is not afraid to go to dangerous places herself and, rolling up her sleeves, help people. The key to Angelina's image is that she really cares about what she does.


  • When you take a photo, slightly pout your lips and squint your eyes, and also tilt your head forward a little. Angelina rarely smiles in photographs.
  • Most importantly, remember that you are not Angelina Jolie. Use her look as inspiration. You should not try to look like a copy of Angelina, otherwise it will seem strange to people.

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