How to dress well as a guy

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How to dress well as a guy
How to dress well as a guy

Guys who dress well give the impression of a confident, attractive, strong man that any firm would like to hire, and every woman would like to ask out on a date. Clothes are the first thing that people notice, and this first impression lasts for a long time. In a few simple steps, any guy will learn how to dress to impress every day.


Method 1 of 3: Determine Your Personal Style

Dress Well As a Guy Step 1
Dress Well As a Guy Step 1

Step 1. Dress according to the events you attend

Following fashion trends is fine, but a super-trendy outfit may not always be appropriate and can make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Be yourself. If you don't exercise, don't look like you just got out of the gym.
  • When dressing for work or school, respect the culture of the environment. Make sure you look like a professional, competent person who knows where he came from and what he does.
  • If you are going for an interview, check what dress is preferred for candidates in this company. Usually business or formal business style is chosen for interviews. (It's better to overdo it with your outfit than to overlook your looks for an interview.) Casual business style means trousers, business boots, a long-sleeved shirt.
  • For events, industry conventions, or formal dinners, it is best to wear a good suit. Choose darker, deeper colors for increased versatility (gray, navy and black are ideal).
  • You can, of course, wear a T-shirt of the group you like, but don't forget that it should blend in harmoniously with your outfit.
  • When going to formal events, do not try to dress too simply and modestly. Show that you respect the event and understand its significance. Dressing appropriately for the event will make you look more confident.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 2
Dress Well As a Guy Step 2

Step 2. When choosing clothes, you should also consider your tastes and interests

You don't have to force yourself to be who you are not, so it is very important that your clothes show off your personality. Just make sure you see the look you like in the mirror.

  • If you want to dress well, this does not mean that you have to pay a lot of attention to fashion or be aware of all the trends.
  • It also does not mean that you have to follow many tailoring rules and adhere to the "what every well-dressed man should have." Don't worry if you don't have a classic light oxford shirt in your wardrobe.
  • If you have the most casual, relaxed personality, it is perfectly acceptable to have a simple wardrobe with a few high-quality formal pieces of outfit that you can combine.
  • If you are a bright person, then you can express this in your clothes. Just try to be a little more restrained so as not to overdo it.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 3
Dress Well As a Guy Step 3

Step 3. Choose your wardrobe carefully

Do not forget that in these clothes you should be comfortable to be yourself. You should not hide a calm nature behind bright clothes.

  • There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that reflect your interests, but be careful not to end up becoming a walking ad for a brand, sports team, or musician.
  • Avoid wearing T-shirts that contain offensive or sarcastic language. You will become more attractive if you have a "positive" image.
  • Try not to wear a uniform. Do not wear camouflage clothing unless you are currently hunting and in a real combat zone.
  • If there are celebrities you admire, you can use them as inspiration. Just make sure that by borrowing some outfit from idols, you consider your own activity and physique.

Method 2 of 3: Find Quality Clothes That Fit You Well

Dress Well As a Guy Step 4
Dress Well As a Guy Step 4

Step 1. Determine what kind of clothing suits your physique

You don't need to have a perfect body to look good. Well-chosen clothes will help you with this. She can make you look taller or slimmer than you really are.

  • Consider what to wear to create an optical illusion. Look at lines and shapes and think about how you can use them to enhance your appearance.
  • Ideal male proportions are tall, broad shoulders and narrow hips. Take an honest look at how your body fits this ideal, and look for clothing that will hide your flaws and highlight your merits.

    • There is nothing wrong with playing around with these proportions a little, but you should pay attention to the look your clothes give to the body.
    • Hip-hop clothes, for example, tend to look a little baggy, so if you are a heavy build, they can visually add a few pounds to you. Perhaps you should think about the hipster style of clothing, it will make you visually slimmer. If you like this style, and you are not going to a formal event or to the office, then you can dress like that without any problems.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 5
Dress Well As a Guy Step 5

Step 2. Know that getting the right fit is more than just size

Clothing companies use average measurements for sizing purposes. But there are people whose proportions, for example, differ from those generally accepted by manufacturers.

  • A good fit is the most important aspect of any wardrobe item. Don't wear clothes that don't suit you, even if they are very fashionable.
  • See what style of clothing suits you, then experiment with the size. In one store for your build they may offer 48 size, and in another - 50.
  • Remember that cotton clothes “shrink” the first time they are washed. If you plan on wearing cotton clothes, consider going a little oversized so that your clothes can shrink slightly when washing and drying. If you are dry cleaning, you don't need to worry about it.
  • Find brands that are perfect for you. You've probably noticed that some brands fit better than others, so it might be a good idea to buy those.
  • Find a good tailor. It often happens that clothes in stores simply don't fit, but they can be adjusted to your proportions with the help of a tailor. Many good shops provide tailoring services at a discounted price if you buy from them.
  • As for the shirt, its length should be below the waist, but not below the buttocks.

    • A good shirt is sewn so that the shoulder seam ends at the curve of the shoulder and the cuffs are located where your arm meets the wrist.
    • The waist in trousers should be right above the hips. The legs should go down at least to the top of the shoe, but not to the ground.
    • If you want to wear shorts, choose a model in which the legs are slightly wider than the jeans you are wearing. The length should be about the middle of the knee. This will provide visual balance as you are using half of the entire length.
    • The European cut of the shirt is slightly different from the American one. The European cut is more form-fitting, while the American cut is slightly baggy. Choose which one suits you best.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 6
Dress Well As a Guy Step 6

Step 3. Pick the right color

The colors of your clothes should be in harmony with your skin, eyes, and hair color. Colors can also improve your mood, so brighter colors tend to be positive.

  • Experiment with different colors and find the ones that work best for you. A good color should give your skin a healthy look, and your eyes should look bright, glowing, not bloodshot or tired.

    • If you have blue or green eyes, try wearing a blue shirt or tie to accentuate them. Also, some shades of red or brown can make your eyes look dull.
    • If you have light skin and dark hair, you could try wearing clothes that accentuate this contrast. Clothes of brown shades or khaki will not suit you, they will lubricate the image.
  • The colors you wear should make you happy. Pay attention to how they affect your mood. If you don't feel very comfortable wearing a particular color, ditch it, even if it's trendy or your favorite team color.

    • Some people like to dress in bright colors such as yellow or orange, but in this case, the people around them may feel uncomfortable.
    • While shopping, you probably noticed that fluorescent and mustard yellow are popular this season. Having trendy colors in your wardrobe is fine, but always buy clothes in a color that looks and feels good, regardless of trends.
  • Some colors are considered classics and never go out of style, such as brown, black, khaki, gray and navy blue. You can buy clothes in these colors, but consider your skin tone and how the color affects how you feel.

    • Buy clothes for every day, as well as expensive clothes in the same shades. Such combinations can be worn for a long time.
    • Remember that although these colors are “neutral,” they may not work for you. For example, black clothes can look very strict.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 7
Dress Well As a Guy Step 7

Step 4. Try to wear quality clothing

Choose quality materials and a solid structure. This is especially true when choosing staples such as pants and other more formal wardrobe items that you plan to wear for a long time.

  • You don't have to spend a lot of money on clothes. Plan to spend more money on more important pieces of your wardrobe, and less money on fashion items or items that you wear out quickly, like T-shirts.
  • Second hand shops are an excellent source of high quality products. You can even say that when you buy an expensive brand, you do not always get a quality product. Therefore, you should not get hung up on branded items.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 8
Dress Well As a Guy Step 8

Step 5. Do not skimp when buying accessories, especially shoes

Quality accessories can add a touch of style to even simple clothes.

  • Diversify your shoe selection. It may seem too feminine for you to have different shoes and boots in your wardrobe, but it will help you create the perfect look for different occasions. And it will also allow one pair to be worn out, and your shoes will last longer.
  • Sneakers are great for a casual, sporty style. However, try not to wear them all the time unless you want to look like a teenager.
  • Black lace-up shoes are a must for formal occasions. While they are not cheap, they are a good investment, especially if you take good care of them and polish them. Try not to buy classic shoes with square or too pointed toes - they will not always be relevant.
  • Chukka boots and Desert boots are on the verge between formal and informal style. They are perfect for evenings in the city when you want to perfect your wardrobe without overdoing it. Choose chukkas in neutral colors: sand, gray or brown.
  • If your shoes look cheap or uncomfortable, it can ruin the whole outfit. It can also affect your posture and mood, which will undoubtedly distract from your appearance.
  • For special occasions, always choose a good tie. This will add style to a regular suit.
  • Be careful when wearing hats and caps, make sure they are well made and appropriate for the event you are going to. Do not wear the cap backwards - this is not fashionable. Also remember that a hat or cap can ruin your hair.
  • Wear jewelry, but don't wear too much of it. The basic rule is to choose a good watch and possibly cufflinks. Unless you want to look dapper, you shouldn't be wearing more jewelry than any of the ladies in the room.

Method 3 of 3: Have the appearance of a confident man

Dress Well As a Guy Step 9
Dress Well As a Guy Step 9

Step 1. Wear comfortable clothes, but at the same time be careful not to look sloppy

If you feel uncomfortable, people will notice it, and it will make you less attractive in their eyes. However, if you wear sweatpants, a baggy T-shirt and trainers and walk like this every day, you will be mistaken for a lazy and unkempt person.

  • There are many comfortable, yet more attractive clothing.
  • Tuck in your shirt. You may not like tucking your shirt into your pants, but it will make you look slimmer. Not to mention, it's a sign that you care about your appearance. This does not mean that you have to tuck in your shirts (never do that), but if you are in a formal setting, the shirt should be tucked in.
  • If the garment is made of comfortable material but doesn't look good on you, then the fit may be a problem.
  • Always dress for the weather. Sweating or shivering from the cold will not add to your appeal.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 10
Dress Well As a Guy Step 10

Step 2. Remember that poor hygiene or posture can ruin even the best outfit

Always be clean, well-groomed, and keep your back straight.

  • Have a pleasant scent. Bad smell has never been liked by anyone.
  • Do not wear too much perfume, the scent can become very concentrated.
  • Cut your hair in time. A good haircut should complement the shape of your face. A good stylist can help you figure it out.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed (if necessary), and in good condition.
  • Do not slouch, fidget, or take too long steps when walking. Your clothes will look their best if you are light and confident.
Dress Well As a Guy Step 11
Dress Well As a Guy Step 11

Step 3. Even at home, try to dress well, because you never know who may come to visit you the next minute

  • Clothing is one of the first things other people notice, and those first impressions last.
  • You never know when you will meet the person of your dreams or potential employer, so try to look good every day.


  • Cut your hair in time. A good haircut should complement the shape of your face. A good stylist can help you figure it out.
  • Don't overdo it with cologne, no one will like the harsh scent.
  • If you are heavily built, do not wear tight outerwear - it will make you look bigger. It is a good idea to wear something tight under your loose-fitting clothing. This will help you look slimmer.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed (if necessary), and in good condition.
  • Do not slouch, fidget, or take too long steps when walking. Your clothes will look their best if you are light and confident.

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