How to move to the other end of the country

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How to move to the other end of the country
How to move to the other end of the country

If you are moving to distant lands, you have several options. You can fly by plane and transport all your belongings by train, you can take your own car and load your things on a trailer, or you can use a trailer to move. After doing a little preliminary searches, you can find the most suitable and cheapest way of moving for you.


Method 1 of 5: Take an Inventory

Living room at morning
Living room at morning

Step 1. Take an inventory of your property

Consider everything you have, including vehicles, furniture, and heavy objects that take up a lot of space.

  • What value does your property have?
  • If the cost of shipping your property exceeds the purchase of the same new items, is it worth moving at all?
Polaroid Close up
Polaroid Close up

Step 2. Take photos of all your valuables

This way you can have proof of the condition of your belongings with you.

You can also insure your cargo in transit

Method 2 of 5: Do your research

Take off
Take off

Step 1. Check the ticket prices

If you do not have a clear date for moving, use sites with flexible search for dates for departure.

Check how many kilograms of baggage you are allowed with you on the airlines of your choice. Some airlines allow a fair amount of baggage to be carried, and extra baggage space can be purchased at reasonable rates. This is very convenient, because in this case, for example, you can transport your computer with you without thinking that it will be damaged by another method of delivery. You should pack your computer well and put it in your suitcase. It will be part of your luggage

U haul
U haul

Step 2. Find out the rates for road transportation of your property

You will find several options. Write down each carefully and decide which one will be affordable for you.

  • If you are going to rent a trailer, think about it in advance. It may take some time to complete your order.
  • If you decide to send your belongings by truck, find out how much it will cost to rent a truck of the size you need, as well as rates depending on the distance?
  • If you have your own car, and you also decided to transport it, find out how much the transportation will cost.

Step 3. Search for moving firms

Find out how much the firm will charge for your complete move.

  • You can also find the option of renting a container for transportation. The company will bring you a container, you fill it with your property as soon as you are ready to move, and then the same company will pick up the container with things for transportation.
  • You can calculate your moving costs directly on the websites of the carriers on the Internet. You should ask how much it will cost, how long it will take, and how the company guarantees the safety of things.
Ms Lube by Mechanchik
Ms Lube by Mechanchik

Step 4. Make sure your transport vehicle is secure

Are you sure it won't break on a 2000 km journey? Do you need to make any repairs to your vehicle before moving?

  • Most cars require a service check by a mechanic (in particular, pay attention to the radiator, transmission and brakes) before entering the track. The service cost will save you thousands in case of sudden breakdown and urgent repairs.
  • If you are going with a trailer, evaluate if your car is powerful enough to pull such a load with it?
  • Moving around a country also means moving across different types of terrain, climatic zones, and different types of roads. Will your car handle the ups and downs? Are the brakes in good condition? Is your car overheating? Are the air conditioning and heating working?
  • Check the weather forecast. Be aware of mountain roads along the way. Try to avoid them whenever possible. Review your route carefully at home and do not leave without a road map. Consider whether you can afford to purchase a satellite navigation system.

Method 3 of 5: Do the math

Vintage gasoline pumps
Vintage gasoline pumps

Step 1. Calculate your car costs

Pay attention to how many kilometers per liter of gasoline your car drives. This way you can fully calculate your gasoline bills.

  • Calculate the distance from point A to point B, and then divide that figure by the number of kilometers per liter of gasoline. This will tell you how much fuel you need to move. Multiply that figure by the price of gasoline, and you get the full amount of money needed for fuel.
  • Example: If your travel distance is 2,000 km and your car consumes 1 liter of gasoline for every 20 km, you will need 2,000 km / 20 km = 100 liters of gasoline. If gasoline costs about 30 rubles per liter, the fuel costs of your trip will be 100 liters * 30 rubles = 3000 rubles.
  • Remember that when traveling with a trailer, the number of kilometers covered by your car will be reduced per liter of gasoline.

Step 2. Make a realistic list of travel expenses, primarily for food and overnight stays

  • How long will the move take?
  • If you have to stay at roadside hotels, how much will it cost you? How much will you spend on food?
  • Are you planning to see tourist attractions along the way, visit friends or go to bars?
Love our new phone
Love our new phone

Step 3. Inquire about the transportation of vehicles

There are companies specializing in this. Call them and ask the following questions:

  • How long will it take?
  • How much is it?
  • What guarantees do they carry for the safety of the car?
  • What is the reputation of this company? You can usually find reviews about it on the Internet.

Method 4 of 5: Assess

Now you've done enough research to figure out all the possible scenarios. Now you need to evaluate your move not only in relation to the price, but also its practicality and comfort. Here are some action scenarios.

Step 1. Scenario 1

  • Move by car, and send your belongings by freight.

    • Consider the increased risk of damage to your property if you trust someone else.

    • Moving a car will result in more wear and tear than transporting it with a cargo.

    • Great script to enjoy the sights.

Step 2. Scenario 2

  • Drive a car with a trailer.

    • Less risk of property damage because it is in your safe hands.

    • Moving a car will result in more wear and tear than transporting it with a cargo.

    • Car trailer will create more work for your car.

Step 3. Scenario 3

  • Rent a trailer or truck for transportation by taking your vehicle onto a trailer.

    • Less risk of property damage because it is in your safe hands • Less wear and tear on your vehicle.

Step 4. Scenario 4

  • Rent a trailer or truck for transportation, send the car with a trucking.

    • Less risk of property damage because it is in your safe hands.

    • Less wear on the car, but more risk of damage or scratches.

    • It is worth having a spare vehicle on hand at your destination as it may take longer to transport your vehicle.

Step 5. Scenario 5

  • Fly by plane, transport things and a car with cargo transportation.

    • Consider the increased risk of damage to your property if you trust someone else.

    • Less wear on the car, but more risk of damage or scratches.

    • If you have children, this is an easier but more expensive move.

    • It is worth having a spare vehicle on hand at your destination as it may take longer to transport your vehicle.

    • You will arrive at your destination before your property.

    • You will be able to take some baggage on the plane.

Step 6. Scenario 6

Sell your car and other heavy items. Shipping the remaining property. Fly by plane. Selling a car and buying a new one at your destination can be cheaper or slightly more expensive. The same can be said about other heavy objects. Consider the cost you would have to pay for shipping them. It might be better to upgrade your car, TV, and computer

Method 5 of 5: Among other things …

Happy family iz happy
Happy family iz happy

Step 1. Be creative

Consider other relocation options not listed in this article, depending on your situation.

  • Perhaps you have a friend or relative who can move your belongings; you can pay for his fuel costs, overnight stays, and it may be even cheaper than the company's services.
  • Perhaps the best option for you is to get rid of all your possessions and take the train or bus. The possibilities are endless. Think about what's best for you and what your situation is. And enjoy the move!


  • When transporting goods, certain tax deductions are provided for expenses. Consult a tax expert about this.
  • Moving can be hard on your pets. Taking an animal with you on the road is probably better than sending it alone with other things. However, it can also cause additional stress on the road, both for the animal and for you. It can be faster and more practical to send an animal by plane, but it can be very stressful for the animal.
  • Consider buying a complete move service if you decide you don't want to mess with it yourself.
  • Always be prepared for unforeseen situations: detours, delayed flights, flat tires, bad weather and a number of other things can ruin your plans. Schedule more time to move so that unexpected surprises don't ruin your entire trip.
  • Please note that when renting a trailer or truck, there is always the possibility of its breakdown on the road.
  • If you decide to apply for the services of a shipping company, check its reliability. You may need the help of special specialists. For example, if you need to move a piano, you can contact a company that specializes in moving the piano.
  • Consider making the move in two rounds. You can transport most of your belongings by plane. And then come back and make a second trip already by car. Thus, you will be able to transport your car and the rest of your belongings.
  • Look for sharing options. Browse ads online. Perhaps someone is also moving to the same location as you. Once you find such a person, you have many options to save money when you move. It all depends on your situation and the capabilities of the person offering the service. For example, you can jointly rent a moving truck or a container. If you can not find any ads that offer a joint move, post such an ad yourself.


  • When signing a contract with a trucking company, always pay attention to the paragraphs written in small print to avoid paying additional costs.
  • If you have health problems, it may not be a good idea to load your belongings into a container yourself. Seek professional help.
  • If you have little experience of driving with a trailer, consult a knowledgeable person about it. Wind can be a serious obstacle when transporting a trailer. In addition, transportation will be very difficult if the weight of the loaded trailer exceeds the weight of the vehicle.
  • If you distribute the load unevenly on the trailer, or the trailer weighs more than the recommended weight for transportation, your move can turn into a real disaster.
  • Transportation companies that provide trailers and trucks for rent must be licensed to do so. Ask the company the appropriate questions and check if this is the case.

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