How to lose 6 pounds in 30 days

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How to lose 6 pounds in 30 days
How to lose 6 pounds in 30 days

Taking 30 days, or roughly one month, to lose weight is a great goal. During the month, you can make many changes that will lead to significant changes not only in weight, but also in appearance and health in general. As a rule, it is not recommended to lose more than 0.5-1 kg per week or about 3.5-4 kg per month. Fast weight loss is not always safe, and it does not guarantee that the weight will not return in the long term. Striving to lose 6 kg in a month can be an unrealistic goal. However, if you make the right changes to your diet, exercise regimen and lifestyle, you can get closer to minus 6 kg in a month.


Method 1 of 3: Follow a Weight Loss Diet

Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 1
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 1

Step 1. Count calories

To lose weight, you will need to cut down on the total number of calories you eat each day.

  • Consume 500-750 fewer calories each day. This will help you lose approximately 0.5-1 kg per week. In combination with sports, you can lose 1.5 kg per week (but this is not guaranteed).
  • Use a food diary or calorie counting website / app to get an idea of how many calories you are currently consuming. Subtract 500 or 750 from that number to set a new limit to help you lose weight.
  • Consume at least 1200 calories a day. Lowering this mark is considered unsafe as it will be difficult for you to get the recommended amount of nutrients you need on a daily basis.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 2
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 2

Step 2. Include lean protein in every meal

Protein is a great food group that helps with weight loss (especially if you're looking for a quick way to lose weight).

  • Protein is an essential nutrient in any diet. Studies have shown that it helps a person feel full for longer, while consuming less food. In addition, protein improves metabolism.
  • To benefit from protein for weight loss, try to include at least one serving (75-120 grams) of protein with every meal and snack. Consuming protein on a regular basis will make you feel full all day long.
  • Stick to lean protein, as these foods are also low in calories. Opt for skinless poultry, lean beef or pork, seafood, legumes, tofu, low-fat dairy, eggs, beans, lentils, seeds (such as hemp and chia), and nuts. Some grains, such as buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa, can also be attributed to a portion of lean protein.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 3
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 3

Step 3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great foods to eat regularly when trying to lose weight. Complement every meal and snack with them.

  • Both fruits and vegetables are fairly low in calories, but they are also rich in fiber and other essential nutrients. They give you a feeling of fullness and increase the serving size without adding many calories.
  • Fill half of your plate with fruit or vegetables. Or add one or two servings of one or the other to each meal. One serving equals four tablespoons full of cooked kale or spinach, one medium fruit (such as an apple or pear), 30 grams of dried fruit (such as raisins), or a 1-inch slice of large fruit (such as melon or papaya).
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 4
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 4

Step 4. Choose whole grains over refined grains

100% whole grains are more nutritious than refined options like white bread, white flour, or white rice. Give preference to these types of cereals more often.

  • 100% whole grains are less processed and tend to be rich in fiber, protein and other beneficial nutrients. Heat-treated cereals are deprived of these nutrients, and therefore they are less saturating to the body.
  • Minimize your intake of cereals. Some studies have shown that low-carb or cereal-restricted diets lead to faster weight loss than low-calorie diets.
  • Also, stick to the proper portions. If you want to eat ready-made oatmeal or quinoa, measure out 28 grams.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 5
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 5

Step 5. Control hunger with water

Drinking enough water is good for your health and also stimulates weight loss.

  • Some studies have shown that when the body is not getting enough water, that is, dehydrated, it sends signals to the brain that are very similar to signs of hunger. Often times, people eat when they think they are hungry, but in reality they are just thirsty.
  • In addition, by filling the body with water, we dull the feeling of hunger during the day, which means we have fewer snacks and do not consume additional calories.
  • Aim to drink at least 2 liters (eight 200 ml glasses) of water and other liquids every day. You can also drink flavored water and unsweetened decaf coffee / tea.

Method 2 of 3: Lose weight through physical activity and lifestyle changes

Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 6
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 6

Step 1. Play sports more often

The best combination for losing weight is dietary control and regular exercise. Be physically active most of the week to stimulate weight loss.

  • When it comes to physical activity, cardio is the best way to burn calories. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise per week.
  • Also try adding a day or two of strength training. These exercises do not burn many calories, but over time they can speed up your metabolism as your body burns fat even when you are resting.
  • Take more steps throughout the day. By moving as much as possible throughout the day, you can burn extra calories. Try to park further away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and stand more than sit.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 7
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 7

Step 2. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can negatively impact weight loss, even during periods as short as 30 days. Get enough sleep every night to help you reach your goal.

  • Most health professionals recommend that adults get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Work to improve your sleep hygiene. To do this, go to bed early and create a good sleeping environment in your bedroom.
  • Some studies have shown that in the presence of a lack of sleep, the body has difficulty losing weight, as well as increases the secretion of hunger hormones, and may even have the urge to eat more fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods.
  • Plus, if you feel fatigued and fatigued, you will be less motivated to stick to an exercise regimen and eat a healthy diet.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 8
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 8

Step 3. Reduce the amount of stress in your life

Like sleep, chronic or daily stress can hinder weight loss. This is especially true if you are trying to lose weight in 30 days.

  • Stress has a big impact on your ability to lose weight. Even the smallest amount of daily stress can increase your body's levels of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress). This can sometimes make it difficult to lose weight and can also increase hunger.
  • In addition, stress can cause feelings of fatigue and loss of energy; in this case, the person stops preparing food in advance, playing sports and making other changes in his lifestyle.
  • Try doing something relaxing and stress-relieving, such as meditating, listening to music, chatting with a supportive friend, or taking a walk.

Method 3 of 3: Maintain the Right Mindset

Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 9
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 9

Step 1. Keep a diary

It will be helpful to keep a weight loss diary over a 30-day period. You can take notes on meals, exercise, and overall progress, and write about any problems or successes that occur during the 30-day diet.

  • If you are trying to lose 6 kg in 30 days, you may realize that you will not be able to achieve your goal in the set time frame, and this is normal. If you've written about a successful diet and exercise plan in your diary, keep doing this until you get the results you want.
  • Mark planned meals or keep track of what you are eating. This will be extremely beneficial throughout your diet, as well as if you continue to lose weight further. This way you can see what works and what doesn't.
  • In addition, you can take notes on which training regimen or which exercise pattern is giving you the best results.
  • You can also use websites or apps on your smartphone to keep track of your calorie intake and exercise regimes.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 10
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 10

Step 2. Write motivating quotes

It can be difficult to follow a strict diet throughout the month. Keep goals and motivation first to stay focused on success.

  • Small motivational statements can be written in a diary or on stickers and pasted on the refrigerator, above the desk, or next to the bed.
  • Think about why you want to lose weight. To fit into smaller pants? To feel more confident in yourself? Or to cope with a chronic illness? Write these reasons down so they remind you why you are trying to lose weight.
  • In difficult times or on the verge of a dietary breakdown, check out these small quotes and motivational sayings. Repeat them silently to get some encouragement and stick to your plan.
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 11
Lose 6 Kgs in 30 Days Step 11

Step 3. Take responsibility and do not give up on it

A friend, family member, food diary, or even a scale can help you stay accountable when trying to lose weight.

  • Tell friends and family about your 30-day diet and your desire to lose some weight. Get their support, and call, write, or email them to let them know about your progress.
  • Weighing regularly is another way to remain accountable. People who weigh themselves regularly tend to lose more weight in the long run. However, don't weigh yourself too often, once or twice a week will be enough to keep track of your progress.


  • Always check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise regimen. The doctor will determine if it is safe for you and if a particular method is right for you.
  • Dedicate yourself to these 30 days. You will probably have to give up parties, social gatherings, and other commitments that might disrupt your routine (but only for one month).
  • Give up sugary coffee and alcohol (if you do) for a month completely, as these are some of the most insidious sources of excess calories. However, regular black coffee is calorie-free, and many experts recommend drinking coffee in moderation or even caffeine twice a day as a weight loss stimulant.
  • Don't get too hung up on losing weight as it can be stressful. And stress, in turn, can lead to negative consequences.

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