How to lose weight with a very simple diet: 11 steps

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How to lose weight with a very simple diet: 11 steps
How to lose weight with a very simple diet: 11 steps

Here's a simple diet that's easy to follow with very few simple rules. This diet is for people with busy work schedules.


Lose Weight With a Very Simple Diet Step 1
Lose Weight With a Very Simple Diet Step 1

1 Weekdays

  1. Food:

    1. Eat cereal or oatmeal with low fat milk (approximately 200-250 calories) for breakfast. Your choice is to eat the same thing every day or try different cereals.
    2. The main meal in this diet is lunch. The day before starting your diet, go to the grocery store and buy lots of fruits, vegetables and herbs. If you are busy in the morning, you can prepare lunch while you eat breakfast. Your lunch should include fresh fruits, vegetables, and possibly beans and sprouts. If you need a drink other than water, drink vegetable juice. Make sure you eat a lot. Here are examples of what you can choose for lunch:

      1. 5 mini carrots, 2 celery stalks, 5 spinach leaves, 1 apple, a handful of grapes, 1 cup of beans (canned, any kind), iced tea and lemon (no sugar)
      2. 1 orange, half a cup of bean sprouts, a small packet of raisins, 5 carrots, 5 strawberries, half a lemon, vegetable juice
      3. Eat what you normally would for dinner. Drink plenty of water. (Optional: start with salad, fruit salad, or light soup)
      4. Exercise: On weekdays, as soon as you get home, run on a treadmill or exercise on an elliptical trainer for 15 minutes. If possible, go to the gym after work.

        Lose Weight With a Very Simple Diet Step 2
        Lose Weight With a Very Simple Diet Step 2

        2 Weekends

        1. Food: eat what you usually eat (tip: try new recipes, try baking bread, visit a new restaurant)
        2. Sports activities: if you exercise regularly (tip: try a new activity every weekend; have you ever practiced meditation? Did you roller skate?)


          • Drink plenty of water at work.
          • Stick to your diet - eat vegetable salads or grapefruit, and you will very soon become the owner of the body of your dreams.
          • If you are a busy person, then a healthy breakfast should help you. Cooking a healthy lunch with breakfast shouldn't be a problem either. The rest is easy: (1) eat lunch, (2) don't eat snacks or soda, and (3) stay focused on work.
          • IMPORTANT: Do not overdo it by reducing the rest of your meals. Enjoy life. Eat whatever you want for dinner and on weekends.
          • Make your lunch as colorful as possible.
          • Do whatever it takes to eat the lunch you cooked (for example, leave your credit card at home)
          • You will enjoy your dinner like never before.
          • Reduce your coffee consumption, try it without sugar.
          • You will notice that you do not feel sleepy after dinner. Don't panic, this is normal. You will also be more productive at work; this is also normal.
          • On this diet, the consumption of various foods is recommended and encouraged.


          • Always consult your doctor to find out if this diet is right for you.
          • Expect to see positive changes in your metabolism.

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