How to feel confident about your special talents

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How to feel confident about your special talents
How to feel confident about your special talents

We all have innate talents that set us apart from the crowd, special characteristics that make us who we are and chart our path in life. Whether your talent is whether you sing well, swim well, are full of creative business ideas, or are the perfect listener, you must develop and celebrate what makes you unique. Knowing that you have talents and the confidence to share them will help you reach your potential and feel more fulfilled in life. If you want to learn how to feel confident about the things that make you special, see step 1.


Recognize your talents

  1. Understand that everyone has talent. Some people initially know what their talent is, but other times it can be difficult to call certain things talent. But any activity that you do with ease and skill, any activity that you naturally feel in, can be a talent. George Lucas once said: “Everyone has talent, you just have to not sit around and you will find out what you are talented at.” So what is your talent?
  2. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 1
    Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 1
    • Perhaps your talent lies in physical strength. You can be a talented hiker, cyclist, rope jumper or acrobat. Maybe you are a talented yo-yo player, a great surfer, or always win the local pie-eating championships.
    • Perhaps your talent is intellectual or acting, such as writing great poetry, filming Youtube videos, performing in public, winning math competitions, or doing crossword puzzles.
    • Or perhaps you are talented at communicating with other people. Are you a social person with 1,500 Facebook friends and 50 likes under every post? Perhaps you are the person all your friends turn to for advice when they are sad, or you know how to tell funny jokes that make your whole family roll on the floor laughing.
  3. Find your hidden talents. You probably must have some talents that have been latent in you since you were a child, or talents that you never trained because you didn't see them as worthwhile. You may have even found them a little shameful. But if you're good at something, try making it a part of your life. If you ignore your talents, you will have the feeling that you have missed something.
  4. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 2
    Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 2
    • A good way to determine what kind of talent you have not fully revealed in yourself is to think about what you enjoyed as a child. Children tend to spend their time doing what they feel natural in and what they like. What made you happy then? What could you do for hours without getting tired of this activity?
    • Plus, how do you spend your free time now? What can you do for hours and not feel tired? Chances are, the activities in which you naturally feel, overlap with your talents. Cooking, repairing a car, winning video games, or even meditating can all be talents.
  5. Don't judge what makes you special. There is something worthwhile and special about any talent, not only in enthralling talents like opera singing or professional snowboarding. Take advantage of the talents that were given to you at birth and decide to develop them instead of regretting that your talent is not the one you dreamed of. Each talent will find its place, as well as each will find its own role. Once you understand this, you will become more confident in yourself.
  6. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 3
    Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 3

    Understand that just as you do not have the talents of all other people, so they do not have your talents. Your friend may be great at drawing, but she doesn't have your gift for telling exciting stories. Or maybe your older brother is the captain of the football team and has excellent grades, but he is not as sensitive as you towards other people, or he does not have such a great sense of style

  7. Don't let others overwhelm you. Sometimes our natural talents are obscured by other people's expectations of what we should do. If you live, work, or go to school in an environment that does not recognize your talents, you should be puzzled as to what difference it makes to them. Remember that your talents make you yourself, and no one can tell you what to do. Your talents are a part of you.
  8. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 4
    Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 4
    • Don't be shy about your talent! Even if he is considered strange among your friends, then you are guaranteed to find another group of people who will find your talent adorable and special. Step outside your normal social circle if no one around you appreciates your talent. Find online forums for people with similar interests.
    • Perhaps you've been told that your talent is foolish, or worse, you should be ashamed of it. Our parents, friends, and society can put a lot of pressure on us, making us who we are not. Don't let other people's expectations limit you.
  9. Embrace your talent. Be grateful for it. It's easy to suppress your talent or waste your time wishing you didn't have the talent you would like to have, but in doing so, many people are simply consumed by routine. This is why, when you find and accept your talent, many people will consider you lucky. Reading this article is already 1 step on the path to your talent, and you will soon feel how fulfilling life can be when you apply your talents. Now that you are ready to make your talents a part of your life, it's time to start developing them so that you can increase your self-confidence.
  10. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 5
    Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 5

    Developing your Talents

    1. Practice your talent. Your strength to be the best at something is within you, but that doesn't mean you can be excellent at what you do without practice. The world's most talented musicians practiced for hours every day, exploring their limits. This also applies to other types of talents; you have an innate ability to develop it, but you will not know how great your talent is without practice, practice and more practice. Once you start researching your talent, confidence in your capabilities will soon emerge.
    2. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 6
      Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 6
      • Use your talent as often as possible. Don't let your talent run out. For example, if you're a talented comedian, go open mic night a couple of times a week to practice. On days when you are not performing, hone your jokes or practice on your friends or family.
      • Give yourself the freedom to spend your time on talent. You might want to revisit your schedule to make more room for the activities you enjoy. Start making talents a high priority in your life.
    3. Find out everything you can about your talents. Find more information on how you can develop your talents. Regardless of whether you want to learn a skill that many people know about and know how to use it or it is something completely unique, there are definitely books, articles and interviews in which you can read information on your topic. Here are some ways you can delve deeper into the world of like-minded people who share your talents in order to learn more about what you can do:
    4. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 7
      Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 7
      • Read books and blogs, watch movies, and listen to related podcasts.
      • Participate in online discussions and join clubs that are related to your talents.
      • Go to a conference or class about your talents.
    5. Find a mentor who can teach you more. It is invaluable to find a mentor or role model to help you develop your talent. Look for people who have developed their talent and can share their knowledge with you. For example, if you are a talented but inexperienced salesperson, look for people who have been with the company longer than you and who can tell you a lot about the business.
    6. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 8
      Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 8
      • The relationship between mentor and protege is beneficial to both parties. The protege gains bonuses from mentor experience and leadership, while the mentor feels the satisfaction of sharing his hard-earned knowledge and getting a fresh perspective on a problem from a newbie.
      • It's not always easy to find a good mentor, but you can always find a role model for yourself. If you can't find someone to take care of you, you can always look at someone you know from books or online lectures. Feel free to email or chat with this person on Twitter!
    7. Recover from failure. You won't be able to perform perfectly every night just because you are talented at something. Do not be discouraged, if something did not work out for you, this will certainly happen to you from time to time. If you stop trying after your first mistake, you will never be able to realize your full potential.
    8. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 9
      Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 9
      • Draw conclusions from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them again in the future. As the undoubtedly talented Thomas Edison said of his most famous invention: “I couldn't be defeated 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention of 1,000 steps. “
      • Don't be afraid to ask for advice and help while you develop your talent.
    9. Don't worry about other people's opinions. The process of discovering and nurturing your talents can be intimidating or embarrassing for other people. Perhaps you used to hang out with your friends every Friday and Saturday night, but now you are spending time writing. Perhaps your parents are unhappy because you dropped out of extra mugs that you weren't interested in, and now you can focus on the talent you want to develop in yourself. Your decisions will not always be well received by other people, but if you become proud and confident, they will see that your talents are a part of you, and they will not disappear anywhere.
    10. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 10
      Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 10

      Feel proud of your talents

      1. Share your talents with others. One of the best things about your talents is that you can use them to please other people. Think about ways in which you can share your talents and make the world a better place. Share mimes with friends, family, and people you've never seen before to get the most out of the talents you were born with.
      2. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 11
        Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 11
        • Think about the pleasure you get when other people share their talents. Your favorite songs, movies, dishes and jokes would never have appeared in your life if their creators hadn't decided to share their talents with the world.
        • Even if you cannot share your talent, there is always an option where you can surprise other people with your talent. For example, if you are a talented meditator, you can create a meditation group or simply tell people how they can take advantage of meditation.
      3. Educate others with your talents. After you develop your talent and build self-confidence, you may want to share your experiences with people. People with new, undeveloped talent can use your experience!
      4. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 12
        Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 12
        • Consider tutoring, teaching in the classroom, or starting a study group.
        • You can also write a book, or start a blog or online forum.
      5. Make one of your talents your profession. If you have a talent that you are so passionate about that you can pursue it all day in a row, every day, you can start looking for ways to pay for it. The point where talent, money and desire intersect is the dream job of most people. If you think your talent is something people will pay you to do, you can give it a try.
      6. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 13
        Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 13
        • Some people do not like to turn their talent into an activity for which they will be paid. Building a career as a singer or actor, for example, takes incredible effort and is usually not an easy journey. If you have a job and you see your talent as an activity that brings you pleasure, do it in your free time, there is no shame in it.
        • However, you will be happy in your job if it allows you to use one of your talents. If you're a creative person, try to find a way to get creative at work, even if you've put off your drawings for the weekend. If you are a great listener and a problem-solver, then why not use these talents at work, even if you don't want to be a therapist.
      7. Be open to other talents. Don't limit yourself thinking that your talents are over. As a fact, in the course of acquiring life experience and self-confidence, you will discover more and more talents in yourself. Whenever you try something new, there is a chance that you will discover new talent in yourself. Learn to recognize and train talents when you find them, no matter what kind of talents they are.
      8. Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 14
        Feel Confident With Your Special Talents Step 14


        • Sports activities such as soccer, netball, swimming and athletics counts as a skill, plus it keeps you healthy and fit.
        • Try yourself in new activities. You never know, you might be perfect for what you think you are terrible at!
        • Develop your talents, and the more often you do it, the better you will be at it!
        • Do what you love and love what you do!
        • Don't let others stop you from doing what you want. Do you really want to do something? Start doing it.

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