How to behave so that men take you seriously

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How to behave so that men take you seriously
How to behave so that men take you seriously

Do you want men to respect you more and admire your personality and deeds? Due to stereotypes and recurrent manifestations of sexism, society often underestimates women. It's time to take matters into your own hands and show that you should be taken seriously and not treated like a weak or fragile being. There are some simple ways to influence how your male friends, colleagues, and acquaintances feel about yourself. This will make your work, hobbies, and everyday interactions more comfortable and less stressful. If you want men to take you seriously, then you need to love yourself, radiate confidence, and follow your goals and ambitions.


Method 1 of 3: Love Yourself

Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 1
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 1

Step 1. Appreciate and respect yourself

If you know your worth, then others will treat you properly.

  • If you seem to be underestimated, then remember your value, importance, and uniqueness.
  • You are not some kind of object, but a living person. A woman is not just a beautiful face and figure. You have a wonderful inner world that may be of interest to others.
  • Respect yourself to make good decisions that benefit all parties and do no harm.
  • Treat yourself and your body well. The main aspects of a good attitude to yourself: proper nutrition, healthy sleep, exercise, relaxation, recovery activities and creative hobbies.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 2
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 2

Step 2. Pay attention to your values

Define your beliefs and hold to those views. Values can include freedom, opportunity, equality, respect, justice, family, love, and stability. Focus on the beliefs that help you make the best decisions and influence how you are perceived in society.

  • If you haven't thought about your values yet, then make a list of the things that are important to you. They will be part of your value system. Add new ideas to the list regularly.
  • If people don't respect you, then pay attention to your personal values. Remember important things and behave accordingly. For example, if a person treats you badly and your first reaction is to yell at them, remember that you value respect. If you break into a scream, then there will be nothing respectful in it.
  • Don't do things that go against your value system (stealing, treating yourself badly, or disrespecting others).
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 3
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 3

Step 3. Accept yourself

The disappointing reality is that some women are dissatisfied with themselves, despite many positive qualities. If you sincerely accept and love yourself and your actions, then those around you will also begin to accept you. You should always start with yourself.

  • Remember your merits every day. Write them down in a journal or electronic file on your computer. The list can include ambition, love, caring, friendliness, and athleticism. See how your merits align with your values? Everything is interconnected.
  • Admit your flaws and learn to accept them without embellishment. They also influence your uniqueness, and others may love you precisely for your flaws. You too can love them. Try to look at them as your own unique qualities that set you apart from others.
  • Do not compare yourself to others, otherwise unjustified self-dissatisfaction may arise.
  • Use mindfulness to learn to accept yourself. Sit in a comfortable position. Focus on self-criticism like, "I feel fat and ugly." Feel the thought without any judgment. Then move on to non-judgmental acceptance and tell yourself, “I'm not perfect. I can accept myself without judgment. " Notice every new thought. Just watch and don't try to rate them (good or bad). Thoughts are fickle and always replace each other.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 4
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 4

Step 4. Take care of yourself

Appearance matters, so try to keep an eye on your appearance so that you are taken seriously.

  • Watch your hair, groom yourself, exercise, and get regular checkups.
  • Makeup is a controversial issue in the context of the need for success. In truth, this is more a matter of personal preference. It is believed that men prefer natural beauty or a minimal amount of makeup, but for some women, makeup gives confidence.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 5
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 5

Step 5. Don't let others treat you badly

Research shows that doctors often treat men and women differently in the context of physical pain. Women's complaints are far more often not taken seriously.

  • Demand justice for yourself from men and people in general if you have to deal with prejudice or prejudice.
  • Choose your friends wisely, talk about personal difficulties and failures only to relatives or closest friends whom you trust.
  • The support of those around you (other women, friends, family) can help you cope with personal difficulties or prejudiced attitudes.

Method 2 of 3: Demonstrate Confidence

Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 6
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 6

Step 1. Speak to the place and behave confidently

Anyone is able to fulfill the above recommendations, but one of the cornerstones of respect among men will be intelligence and competent speech. It is necessary to speak correctly and present yourself (with confidence and self-respect). Correct speech, appropriate tone, and the number of words spoken affect success in the workplace, among new acquaintances, and in recreational areas. Each woman has a unique voice (high, low, soft), but it is important to remember that the opinion about you can be formed by the pitch of the voice, logical stress and laughter.

  • Record your speech to learn how to better present yourself to others. So, if your voice fades at the end of a sentence, then there may be uncertainty and inability to communicate something important.
  • Speak in such a way that your words lead to a certain result.
  • Be decisive. Be free to communicate your thoughts, but remember to respect. Speak firmly but politely. Demand what you want. Know how to refuse. Be kind, welcoming and friendly. Respect other people's opinions and always strive to find a compromise. Examples of strong phrases: "Good idea, but if you try it this way …" - or: "I understand, but it seems to me ____."
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 7
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 7

Step 2. Educate yourself

Men (and other women) always take seriously these women who are knowledgeable about various issues.

  • There are many ways to become “smart”, but it is usually recommended to start with a college degree.
  • Watch educational programs, read books and stay tuned to expand your knowledge base without much effort and cost.
  • Watch movies, play video games, and take an interest in sports so you are ready to support any conversation.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 8
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 8

Step 3. Engage your body language

In addition to speaking, it is important to monitor your body language. If you always walk with your head down, then people will consider you an unmotivated pessimist. In doing so, your gait also expresses strength and importance.

  • Always stand up straight and do not slouch. To correct your posture, try lying on your back or leaning against a wall.
  • Shake hands firmly, otherwise a weak handshake will betray your insecurity.
  • Express strength - don't cross your arms and legs to take up as much space as possible. You also don't have to fuss to avoid looking worried.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 9
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 9

Step 4. Choose the right clothes

Your choice of clothing can tell a lot about your confidence and self-image. Men are constantly shown overly sexual images of women on television and in other media. Alas, if you choose a sexy, provocative or open outfit, then you will probably be completely misunderstood. If you want to be listened to, strive to look collected and professional.

  • Dress according to the circumstances. At work, you should not wear short skirts and a deep neckline. Better to choose a knee-length skirt or pantsuit.
  • If you want to make sure work clothes are appropriate, try oblique testing. If your neckline gets too open, or your skirt gets pulled up too high when you bend over to touch your toes, then your outfit isn't right for the job. When in doubt, it's best not to risk it. A reputation is more important than a cute or stylish look during important business meetings.

Method 3 of 3: Be Ambitious

Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 10
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 10

Step 1. Find motivation

A woman's influence on others can increase if she is always motivated. Ambitious and determined women can be very charming.

  • Be clear and specific about your goals and aspirations.
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Write these tasks down, review the list regularly, and make any necessary changes.
  • One way to stay motivated is to be creative. Start drawing your goals. What are you striving for and how do you see your life?
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 11
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 11

Step 2. Be proud of your accomplishments

If you smile and talk about the events of your life with enthusiasm, then your confidence and motivation will make men take you seriously. It should be understood that a lot depends on your consistency. If you often change goals and live in indecision, then people will begin to doubt you.

  • If you have children, talk about their recent progress in school with a smile on your face and talk about how proud you are of your children.
  • Share your new business ideas or creative ideas if you find them interesting. Working on a new painting? Have you written a poem? Finishing courses? Signed up for a yoga class? There are many interesting topics to talk to.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 12
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 12

Step 3. Ambition should be conditioned only by your personal desires

In addition to self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and a competitive spirit, you should always ask yourself the question, "Why am I doing this?" If your goals are designed to impress a particular man and men in general, then your motives and impulses are wrong. Trust your instincts. You yourself must make the decisions that relate to your life and the chosen direction, and not someone else.

Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 13
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 13

Step 4. Become a connoisseur

Experts are taken more seriously than newbies. Become an expert in areas that interest you. Try to learn as much as you can and consider issues from different perspectives.

  • Do your own research. Spend some free time learning new information about your specialty or area of expertise. This is the only way to achieve success in the business community. People will certainly notice the effort you put in.
  • Do your prep work. Focus on your tasks and responsibilities so that you don't blunder at a crucial moment. A real expert is a person whose opinion you can always rely on.
  • Get ready for important events. If you have an important speech or presentation at work, don't put it off until the last moment. Take the time to work to show that you are confident and knowledgeable.
  • Help others. Experts help people understand and do their job. Always help your coworkers, coworkers, or classmates, but be mindful of your own needs. Do your job first and then make time for others.
  • If time and financial resources permit, then you can get an additional degree or certificate in your field of activity. Some companies even pay for the training of their employees.
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 14
Be Taken Seriously by Men Step 14

Step 5. Participate in healthy competition

Men love healthy competition with each other. If you interact with men at their level, then they will perceive you as an equal companion and partner. In all matters, try to give all your best and raise the stakes. Even if you do business on an amateur level, do not be afraid of new challenges and spare no effort to earn respect.

  • If your hobby requires physical fitness (climbing, swimming, basketball, running or cycling), then train with a friend.
  • Try different methods and find out which is right for you. Accept and love yourself so that men take you seriously. This applies to work, study, hobbies, social events and many other aspects of life.


  • Be careful when you share your successes with others. A confident and motivated woman may be perceived as a threat by other women.
  • Flattery and flirting is a natural reaction when communicating between men and women. If two people have similar expectations, goals, can maintain an interesting conversation and compete with each other, then romantic feelings can flare up between them. Remember your goals, work, reputation, and self-esteem. Weigh in advance the possible consequences of your actions. Bad decisions and fleeting weakness can lead you to lose respect.
  • Success and appreciation of others comes at a price. Accept that not every man will appreciate your efforts.

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