How to become a graffiti artist: 8 steps

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How to become a graffiti artist: 8 steps
How to become a graffiti artist: 8 steps

Graffiti has always been associated with vandalism and damage to other people's property, but gradually it turned into an art form. Now graffiti of talented artists cost a lot of money and are even exhibited at auctions. Do you have everything to become a graffiti artist?


Become a Graffiti Artist Step 1
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 1

Step 1. Go and buy a sketchbook

This is your Bible. Always use it before getting started. Come up with a suitable name for yourself, but just do not use something like Spirit, Fury, etc., it must be unique. In addition, buy a notebook and carry it with you at all times.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 2
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 2

Step 2. Choose a name with which you would like to sign your work

Be sure to check to see if there is already someone with a similar name (words like face, ghost, king, demon, fire, etc. are often used). If you want to be original, then come up with a longer title that possibly characterizes you and your work.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 3
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 3

Step 3. Look for inspiration in the city or the Internet

But do not copy everything that you see, otherwise your work may gain fame as "trinkets" for a long time and it will be difficult for you, as an artist, to achieve recognition and respect. In graffiti, there is a special term "byting", meaning the copying or theft of a style or design. Plagiarism is permissible only for your first sketches, but only as long as you do not charge money for them.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 4
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 4

Step 4. Develop your style

A lot of guys try to start straight away with the wildstyle, which is built on very complex elements, or they rush to paint the walls right away. Start with simple 3D letters and gradually improve your skills.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 5
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 5

Step 5. After a few months / weeks of training and sketching, buy some permanent markers and start leaving your tags all over the place

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 6
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 6

Step 6. Your next step is to design stickers, stencils and thow ups (a kind of graffiti when the drawing is done very quickly)

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 7
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 7

Step 7. Meet other artists of your level, as well as graffiti masters

You can learn a lot from experienced writers and share your experiences with newbies.

Become a Graffiti Artist Step 8
Become a Graffiti Artist Step 8

Step 8. Do your homework

Search the internet for information on writers such as the UTI CREW team from Los Angeles. Read about different styles and trends to better understand and understand the history and art of graffiti.


  • Do not paint with your tags or graffiti drawings by other masters, in many respects exceeding your level. If you are painting over any images, make sure your graffiti covers it completely. You will make it much easier for yourself if you paint over the background for your drawing.
  • Remember that the choice of place for your work should be reasonable and based on respect for other people's work. Graffiti artists create, not destroy.
  • If you are arrested, ask for a lawyer and use your right to remain silent. All you have to give is your name, address and date of birth. Don't let them intimidate you into getting a confession out of you, even if you have paint marks on your clothes or have seen you paint. Remember, even if the policeman says “you only make yourself worse,” everything is already bad, he just wants to get a confession and close the case.
  • A few principles of graffiti: do not tag commercial buildings, places of worship (churches, for example), schools, or significant places (mainly due to surveillance cameras).
  • Enjoy the process, be creative, original and free to express yourself. Once you master graffiti writing, you can move on to crazy new styles. Don't be afraid to experiment; you never know what will be yours.
  • Invest in your creativity. Buy branded graffiti painting supplies. Or alternatively, you can make your own ink and markers. To do this, buy a regular, affordable paint.
  • Consider why you want to do graffiti. Some people think they are doing the right thing, but still many are pursuing the wrong goals. To look cool among your friends is far from the best reason.
  • Your city may have laws against graffiti. Do not wake you constantly to paint on your own home.
  • Paint graffiti in public places like skate parks.
  • Train on large rocks. Later you can paint them with paint.
  • The most important thing is to be yourself in your work. Simple and straightforward.
  • Respect, but do not worship eminent graffiti artists.
  • Do not use your real name, surname or patronymic in your works.
  • Wear respiratory masks when working indoors or in confined spaces.
  • Wear a bandana to hide your face from cameras.
  • Make sure no one sees how you tag.
  • Go to Amazon and look for the video "How to Draw Graffiti", it will help you a lot. Find also a video with step-by-step instructions on how to draw and design graffiti.


  • Try not to reveal your identity.
  • Never take your sketchbook with you when you go to bomb.
  • Work legally, don't copy other masters.
  • A drawing on a wall and a work of art are two different things. Try to fill your graffiti with some kind of "artistic" meaning.
  • Graffiti is illegal unless you get permission from the property owner. And if you get caught, you will be fined.
  • Don't tell anyone your name or the name of your team.
  • Graffiti is prohibited in many places. If you are caught with a sketcher, they will confiscate him.
  • It is illegal and punishable by law to paint graffiti in religious places, cars, public places, commercial buildings or private homes.
  • Vapors from paints are very dangerous and can seriously harm your health. Therefore, always wear a respiratory mask.

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