How to show a guy that you like him

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How to show a guy that you like him
How to show a guy that you like him

It can be difficult to show your guy that you like him. It's hard to find a balance between being overly persistent and overly subtle when a guy has no idea that you are interested in him. If you want to show a guy that you like him, you have to show interest in order to get to know him better, and then hint to him that you see him in a romantic light. If you want to know how to show your guy that you like him without looking desperate or sending conflicting signals, just follow these steps.


Method 1 of 3: Hint

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 1
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 1

Step 1. Pay attention to your appearance

Let him know that you like him by making an effort to look beautiful every time you are in his company. You have to be yourself, but pay special attention to your hair, makeup, and outfit so that he starts noticing you. You don't need to wear a tight dress and high heels if you are going to a soccer game with him, but let him know that you care about your appearance when you are around him.

  • Don't be afraid to be a little sexy. If you are not ashamed of your body, show it.
  • If you don't like wearing a lot of makeup, don't do it. You don't have to pretend to be someone else just to impress a guy.
  • Try applying some lip gloss and doing it with it. This will give him more attention to your lips.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 2
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 2

2 Show your feelings for him with body language. Your body language can make a guy know that you are not thinking of him as a friend. When you are talking to him, turn your whole body to him and maintain eye contact to show that he means a lot to you. Don't be distracted by turning away from him, looking around, or checking your phone.

With body language

Play with your hair by talking to him. This will show him that you are worried about being around him.

Draw his attention to your lips. Remember to smile. Smiling will let him know that you enjoy his company. You can go further by biting or touching your lips.

Turn your whole body to him and look into his eyes. If you are sitting, cross your legs towards him, not opposite to him. If you are standing, turn your shoulders towards him. Look him in the eyes when he says - if you run your eyes around the room, he is unlikely to decide that he is in any way interesting to you.

Break eye contact from time to time. Look him in the eyes, smile a little, and then turn away. This will help him understand that you are shy but interested in him.

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 3
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 3

Step 3. Flirt with him

The more you flirt with a guy, the more he will be sure that you like him. You can start with a subtle flirtation and then gradually work your way up to a more obvious one. There are various ways to flirt with a guy.

Light flirting

When talking to him, speak softly and softly. This will force him to bend over to hear you, and you will naturally bond.

Laugh. Even if he's not that witty, laugh a little, but don't overdo it. Guys love to be challenged. He will try twice as hard to make you laugh.

Tease him playfully. Add a little sarcasm to your conversation, but at the same time smile a little so that he knows that you are joking. Say something like:

“The test is going to be difficult. You probably worked all night, or even none, to get the coveted five?"

“Mmm… it smells good. I know you want to share with me …"

“I saw you playing basketball yesterday. Basketball is a great game, but maybe I got it wrong - shouldn't the ball hit the basket?"

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 4
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 4

Step 4. Break the touch barrier

When you're close enough, don't be afraid to gently touch his arm or shoulder if he says something funny. Tease him, hug him when you see him, when appropriate. By breaking down the barrier of touch, you show him that you want to be closer.

  • However, make sure it is reciprocal to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • If you've gotten close to a guy and you've just returned from a run or other form of physical activity, offer to give him a massage. If he likes you, he will agree and he will understand how good you can make him feel.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 5
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 5

Step 5. Compliment him

It can be difficult to compliment a guy without making it too obvious that you like him. You don't have to say, "Wow, you're so handsome" to let your guy know that you like him. If he has a haircut or a new shirt, just tell him he looks good. If he's good at something, be it math or making sandwiches, let him know he's good at it.

Cute and playful compliments

Complement the conversation with sweet, playful compliments. A few sarcastic and perky remarks will keep him busy, but do not forget about sweet and sincere compliments.

Lovely compliments:

"Have you been told that you are witty?"

"You always know how to cheer up a person."

"Your presentation yesterday was just great."

Tantalizing compliments:

“Cool shirt. You look almost cool in it. But only almost."

"You have a great sense of humor. When you want to hear a hackneyed joke, you can always turn to you."

“A five in math? Can not be! Did Tatyana Vasilievna check your test for sure?"

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 6
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 6

Step 6. Ask if he likes someone

This is not the most subtle way of showing him that you like him, but the deed will be done. Just casually ask if he likes someone, or even ask him what qualities he likes about girls. Let him open up and see if he tells you that he likes someone or what he is looking for. But be careful, let him know that you are asking the question for a specific purpose, and not because you want to be a good friend and talk about his personal life.

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 7
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 7

Step 7. Tell him that your heart is free

Just casually mention that you don't mind dating someone and that you would like to date a guy. But do not sound like you are desperate and ready to date anyone, show him that you thought well about it. You might even be more obvious and talk about the qualities you're looking for in a guy and list some of the things that make him special.

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 8
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 8

Step 8. Have him ask you out on a date

You can try getting an invitation from a guy to show that you like him. Just be casual about your immediate plans and mention when you have some free time. The deed is done - it remains to wait for his invitation to spend time together.

How to hint at a date

Make it clear to him that you are bored and have no plans. Say, “I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow night, but I would like to do something interesting,” or, “I’m so bored … All my friends will be busy this weekend.”

This is where you can use your common interests to your advantage. Mention an upcoming sports match or tell them that your favorite band will have a gig in your city soon and wait to see if they want to go.

Method 2 of 3: Tell him you like him

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 9
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 9

Step 1. Make sure he likes you

While there is no surefire way to know that your feelings for a guy are mutual, there are many signs that will let you know how he really feels for you. It's best to make sure there is at least the possibility that he likes you before you move on and tell him how you feel. Here are some ways to find out if he likes you more than your friend.

How to tell if he likes you

Pay attention to what he says.

Pay attention to whether he compliments you, asks about your likes, and whether he tells you that he would like to date a girl. Some guys are shy. If he doesn't talk much or is nervous, that's also a sign that he likes you.

Pay attention to whether he initiates physical contact.

Perhaps he touches your arm, grabs your attention, or hugs you. If he touches you more than others, this is a sure sign of his interest.

Notice how often he invites you to spend time together.

Does he constantly ask you what are your plans or offers to join his company? If so, he probably likes you.

Pay attention to its appearance.

If he always pays special attention to his appearance when he knows that you will be around, he probably likes you.

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 10
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 10

Step 2. Tell him that you like him

If your expressions of affection are not working, then it might be time to tell the guy how you feel for him. You should choose a time and place where you can be alone, and then calmly tell him that you have feelings for him. Don't put too much pressure on him or yourself and wait for an answer.

Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm him by talking quickly or giving him 150 reasons why you like him so much

How to tell him the truth

Just relax.

Speak normally and take a few deep breaths if necessary. Consider what you are saying and remain calm while speaking.

Prepare for his answer.

Perhaps you will catch him by surprise. Give him time to digest the information. Perhaps it will please him, he will be embarrassed, he will be shocked or will not know what to say. Be patient and let me know that you will accept any answer.

Here's what to say:

"I just had a thought. We spend so much time together. You are very cool and I realized that I like you not just as a friend. I don't want to put pressure on you, but our friendship is important to me, and I want to be honest with you."

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 11
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 11

Step 3. React appropriately

If a guy likes you, you can hug him or just show that you enjoy being in his company and start talking about dating or promoting your relationship. If he doesn't reciprocate, that's okay too, just show him that you are mature enough to be upset or angry that he doesn't share your feelings.

  • If it turns out that he likes you, you can even laugh at all those attempts to show him that you like him.
  • If he doesn't like you, don't despair. Be proud of yourself - you have the courage to share your feelings, it is time to move on.

Method 3 of 3: Get to know him better

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 12
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 12

Step 1. Try a friendly approach

If you want to start dating your friend, then you've already laid a solid foundation for your relationship. But if you're not already friends, then being friends with him can help show him that you like him. If you don't know a guy at all and he barely knows who you are, it will be harder to show him your true feelings. Also, getting to know him better as a friend will help you understand if you are truly compatible, and it will give you a chance to show him how wonderful you are in a relaxed environment.

  • Be friendly to begin with. You should not immediately invite him somewhere or reveal your innermost thoughts. Just relax and start building a pleasant and friendly relationship with him.
  • Move lightly to friendship. Don't overwhelm the guy with your constant presence around him. Just slowly start increasing the amount of time you spend with each other.
  • Try not to get into the friendship zone. It is good to be friends, but here, as, indeed, everywhere, the measure is important. If you develop deep friendships, he will probably find it odd if you try to take everything to a romantic level.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 13
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 13

Step 2. Use common interests as a starting point

If you want to get to know your guy better, start talking about everything you have in common, from your family relationships to your favorite sports teams. If you don't have much in common, do what he does - you may enjoy his hobby. And if you want to pretend that you like his favorite sports team more than it really is, then there is nothing to worry about.

  • Most guys love to talk about sports. If you both like the same sport or the same sports team, you can start talking about it. If not, read something about his favorite team and feel free to share some facts with him.
  • Use music. Find out if you have common favorite bands, and if not, ask if he has anything to recommend. If you've developed enough friendships, you can even burn him a CD of your favorite music to get his attention.
  • Talk about your families. Take it easy and talk about your siblings or pets.
  • Find out if you like the same dishes. If he finds out that you like sushi too, then the chances that he will invite you to a new sushi bar nearby will increase.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 14
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 14

Step 3. Laugh at the same thing

Find something in common that you can laugh at - it could be something that one of your mutual friends never sees, or a creepy poster on your math class wall. Whatever the reason for laughing, you'll develop a deeper bond with your guy and show him how fun you can be.

  • Finding something that you both can laugh at will bring you closer.
  • He may not like the same thing as you. If there's an annoying teacher that you both hate, or if you both hate a certain pop star, you can have a good laugh at it together.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 15
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 15

Step 4. Meet his friends

The way to a man's heart is through the respect of his friends. If his friends love you, then the likelihood that he will love you will increase. Spending time with his friends and being nice to them will show him that you are a wonderful person who can get along with anyone, and it will let him know that you are more interested in him. If you were indifferent to him, the same would apply to his friends.

You need to get to know his friends, but not spend all the time with them, especially during their "male" events

Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 16
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 16

Step 5. Offer a friendly service

After getting to know the guy a little, you can offer to give him a ride or take lunch if you think he needs a favor. Thanks to such seemingly trifles, he will begin to understand that you are not indifferent to. However, make sure that the service is provided by him, otherwise the relationship will be one-sided.

  • If he misses classes, invite him to write a synopsis for him or bring him in.
  • If you grab yourself a coffee when you go to meet him, ask him if he wants anything.
  • Just don't overdo it. You are still not his girlfriend - offering him to wash his clothes or buying groceries would be inappropriate.
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 17
Show a Guy That You Like Him Step 17

Step 6. Ask for his number

If you've been friends for a long enough time and are spending more time together, then it would be natural to ask for his number. Stay calm - don't ask his number like you're asking him out on a date. Instead, just ask for his number so you can text him what time everyone is going to the bar, invite him to a party, or for any other reason. If he is a good guy, he will not refuse and will not find it strange.

  • By getting a guy's number, you will be able to contact more. You will have the opportunity to correspond and take your relationship to the next level.
  • However, make sure that you are not the only one writing and calling him.


  • Be yourself. A real guy should love you for who you are. If you pretend to be someone else and he falls in love with you, at some point everything will return to normal - you will become yourself and he will see that you have changed. Stay the same and behave as you would with friends.
  • Smile at the guy, but don't overdo it. Connect with his friends and you will become closer to him.
  • Don't worry if you think you did or said something stupid, because if he likes you, he will understand.
  • Try to boost your self-esteem before you talk to him. This will help!
  • Don't be discouraged if you are too nervous to follow our advice. Start small - just smile or wave to him.
  • Remember that some guys just need good friendships.
  • Flirt with him. At the end of a conversation or meeting, simply say, “I like you,” or, “You’re so cute,” and then leave. This will make you seem mysterious. If he doesn't like you, he probably won't bring it up again. If he's interested, he'll talk about it.
  • If you don't want to tell the guy that you like him, ask someone else to tell him. But be attentive to whoever you ask! Things can go wrong if you're not careful.
  • Do not strike up a conversation about which he has no idea. For example, about makeup, girl dramas, or how you decided to pump up your buttocks.
  • Remember, you don't have to have the same hobbies or interests as your boyfriend. Guys may like things that you find weird, don't pretend you like them too. However, support him in what makes him happy (for example, different tastes in music).
  • Don't pretend to be who you are not.

  • Letting him know you like him doesn't mean letting your relationship grow faster than you would like. Don't let the guy push you.
  • Don't be dramatic - guys don't like that.
  • Don't flirt too much. If you are going to flirt, do it gently and subtly. Otherwise, the guy will find you frivolous and may even start making fun of you.
  • Don't pay too much attention to it.

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