How to caress your loved one: 11 steps (with pictures)

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How to caress your loved one: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to caress your loved one: 11 steps (with pictures)

Fondling is one of the most enjoyable activities between a man and a woman. It's a simple yet intimate way to get closer to each other, both physically and emotionally. If you haven't petted another person before, you may not know how to do it. Fortunately, our article comes to the rescue. Read the first point to get started.


Part 1 of 3: Preparing for petting

Snuggle step 1
Snuggle step 1

Step 1. Make sure you smell good

The first thing to think about before you start petting someone is your personal hygiene. No one wants to be intimate with someone who hasn't taken a shower for three days.

  • Get yourself in order. Take a shower before your boyfriend / girlfriend arrives. Wash your hair with an aromatic shampoo and get rid of unwanted body hair.
  • Use deodorant and apply some perfume or aftershave to your pulse points, such as behind your ears, the outside of your wrist, the curve of your elbow, and the base of your throat.
  • Remember to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with a special mouthwash. Petting usually leads to kissing!
Snuggle step 2
Snuggle step 2

Step 2. Tune in to intimacy

The next step you must take is to tune in to intimacy.

  • Prepare a cozy spot and make it as private as possible. Make sure your parents, friends, sisters, and siblings or roommates are not at home, or even in the room in which you plan to spend time alone.
  • Dim the lights. To make the atmosphere more romantic and suitable for intimacy, turn off the main light and turn on some lights. If you want to brighten up a romantic situation, light some scented candles.
  • Make sure the room temperature is normal. You don’t want to shake with the cold or be puffed up by the heat during a date. If you have a fireplace, take the time to light it up. He will give comfort and warmth.
Snuggle step 3
Snuggle step 3

Step 3. Prepare a cozy spot

A comfortable place is paramount when it comes to cuddling and cuddling. Don't date on the floor unless you've spread a soft blanket in front of the fireplace.

  • Choose a seat on a comfortable couch, couch, or bed. For more comfort, spread out some cushions on the sofa.
  • Take out a warm blanket (which would be enough for both of you) and throw it over the back of the sofa. When you sit together on the couch, it will be convenient for you to take it off. Make sure the blanket is soft and not prickly like some woolen blankets.

Part 2 of 3: Ask your partner out on a date

Snuggle step 4
Snuggle step 4

Step 1. Invite your partner to visit

When your significant other arrives, invite him / her to sit in the seat of your choice.

  • Ask him / her if he / she is hungry or thirsty. Make sure that all of your partner's needs are met and that a phrase like "Can I have a glass of water" will not interfere with your hug.
  • Ask your loved one to take off their shoes and get comfortable under the blanket. Make your partner as comfortable as possible.
  • Start your date with a scheduled movie, show, or game.
Snuggle Step 5
Snuggle Step 5

Step 2. Take the first step

Sit close to your beloved / loved one and begin to translate the action plan into reality.

  • Place your hand on the back of the couch behind your partner's head (this works for guys, it doesn't feel natural for girls). When you're ready, place your hand on your partner's shoulder.
  • Take your partner's hand. You can just hold your hand, stroke your fingers, or caress your palm.
  • Rub your partner's hair, stroke it, or gently curl it around your fingers. Alternatively, massage your neck or gently tug on your earlobes.
  • It doesn't matter what you do, the main thing is to start physical contact and then smoothly move on to caressing.
Snuggle step 6
Snuggle step 6

Step 3. Start petting

Once you have overcome the tactile barrier and feel confident, you can smoothly move on to petting.

  • Guys can hug their girlfriend by the shoulders and hug her. This way, the girl can rest her head on her partner's chest or shoulders.
  • Girls can put their head on a guy's chest or shoulders and hug his arm. For added comfort, press your feet into your boyfriend's knees (make sure he is comfortable).
  • Hooray! You caressed each other!
Snuggle step 7
Snuggle step 7

Step 4. Change your position

Now that the caresses have begun, you cannot be stopped. Consider one of our ideas.

  • Try the spoon pose. The girl sits between the legs of the guy with her back to him and leans on his chest. The guy, in turn, can hug the girl from behind.
  • Try resting your head in your loved one’s lap or let him / her do it. The person sitting can stroke the partner's hair or hands.
  • If you're tired of watching a movie or show, try other intimate positions. Lie facing each other. You can twist your legs together. This position is ideal for intimate conversations.
  • Another good horizontal pose. One partner lies on his back, and the second on his side, facing him, resting his head on his shoulder. This position is ideal for sleeping.

Part 3 of 3: If you are alone at home

Snuggle step 8
Snuggle step 8

Step 1. Make yourself some tea or coffee, take something tasty

Making yourself comfortable when your loved one isn't around can be a little boring, so bring a couple of treats with you to pamper yourself. A cup of hot tea or cocoa can replace an inside hug. You will feel warm and comfortable.

Snuggle Step 9
Snuggle Step 9

Step 2. Take a blanket

If there is no loved one nearby who warms with his warmth, take the warmest and largest blanket of all and wrap in it.

Snuggle step 10
Snuggle step 10

Step 3. Surround yourself with pillows

Make a small fortress from the pillows you found in the house. Put several pieces under your back and head, press one to your stomach and squeeze another one between your legs (surprisingly, but very convenient).

Snuggle Step 11
Snuggle Step 11

Step 4. Take your pet to you

Here we will cheat a little, you will not be completely alone with yourself. Everyone knows that cats, dogs (rabbits, chinchillas or other little pussies) will become pleasant companions in a moment of loneliness. If you have a pet nearby, you will not be so sad and lonely.


  • There are a few things you can do to make the hug feel more pleasant. You may not be able to do any of the following. Perhaps his head is in your lap, perhaps he hugged you around the waist or shoulders. Not everything works for different poses Choose what works for you.

    • Rub his hair.
    • Kiss him / her.
    • Run your hands over his neck.
    • Pat his back or give him a little massage. Light circular motions along the back are also an option.
    • Snuggle closer and hug each other tighter.
    • Touch his belly or chest.
    • Run your fingers along the line of his waist. Be careful, if you get down to your thighs, you might get your partner aroused. If you are up to something more serious, you can do it at will.
    • If you decide to act decisively, you can unbutton his shirt and continue to gently stroke his chest and stomach.
    • You can gently hold his hand.
    • To snuggle closer to your loved one, you can simply lean against him / her, resting your head on his / her shoulders.
    • If a guy asks you to hug him, then you hurt him. If a girl asks you to hug her, she wants to move to the next level of the relationship.
  • Enjoy the moment, don't rush things.
  • It doesn't matter who starts hugs and caresses. In this situation, the gender role is not defined.
  • If you are sitting together and holding her hand, keep it on your knee. Also, you can accidentally swipe over her wrist.
  • Hugs and fondles happen a few dates later. Possible on the first date as well.
  • If you want your partner to touch your feet, stay as close to them as possible. Conversely, if you don't want your feet to be touched, keep them as far away as possible.
  • If you're watching a scary movie, pretend you're scared. He will want to hug you and protect you from fear.
  • When holding her hand, place her on your lap with her toes touching your leg.
  • If you are wearing a skirt or dress, expose part of your leg to show your knee. By this, you seem to be saying, "Put your hand on my leg, please."
  • If you are lying together, place your head on his / her chest or hug him / her.
  • Use your legs from time to time if your partner likes it and you are wearing something short, such as shorts or a dress. You can only do this if your partner is comfortable.
  • While sitting, draw your legs and bring them to his feet. He will have no choice but to put his hand on your legs or hug you.
  • If your relationship is strong enough, you can put your feet on top of it. This is a sign that you need his attention.

    If you're not sure if this is a good idea or not, flirt with him and see his reaction


  • Don't overstep your boundaries. Fondling and hugging are very intimate and often lead to more serious physical contact. Do not pressure your partner if he / she is not ready for physical intimacy.
  • Guys hug and caress only those girls who really like them. Girls do this to get closer to the guy. Never play with other people's feelings, especially if you want to make someone jealous. It never ends well.
  • Don't bend your line. You can only hug and caress a person if you have overcome the tactile barrier. If you don't like holding hands, hugs and caresses are not for you.
  • If you feel that you are not ready to try all (or any) of these, do not worry. Wait until you are ready - then you can fully enjoy it.
  • Don't hurt each other and don't let yourself get hurt. Everyone has a pain limit.

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