How to advertise tutoring: 13 steps

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How to advertise tutoring: 13 steps
How to advertise tutoring: 13 steps

Tutoring is a great job for a student or person who enjoys teaching others. If you decide to become a tutor, then you will need to find clients in order to realize your goal. Private tutors cannot do without advertising their services. Choose a job profile, create promotional materials and start posting ads.


Part 1 of 3: Consider Common Points

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 1
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 1

Step 1. Select a subject

Teach the subjects you are good at, so think about which subjects are best for you. If you have excellent grades in various subjects, then it is better to narrow the circle down to your favorite subjects.

It is important to be well versed in the subject as you have to teach others

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 2
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 2

Step 2. Outline the level of competence

Most tutors work with students of specific grades or a specific level of knowledge (for example, junior grades, high grades, or just geometry). Choose the level that suits you best.

  • Go online, review assignments for different levels and assess your readiness.
  • Consider subjects that you recently studied (such as math or physics, which you had in the last academic year).
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 3
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 3

Step 3. Write a resume

List all of your tutoring experience, including working with friends and family. Think of situations where you explained a subject to your classmates. This will help you write an effective ad and explain to the parents of the students why they should choose you.

  • Indicate membership in clubs and circles, if they relate to the selected subject. For example, you should point to a math club if you want to teach math, or a literature club if you want to teach language and literature.
  • Indicate classroom proficiency, literacy, and achievement awards.
  • If you have no experience, try volunteering or helping someone you know. Offer free help to gain resume experience.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 4
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 4

Step 4. Determine the rates

Find out the cost of tutoring services in your area. Determine the rates based on the rates of other tutors whose level of knowledge and skills are comparable to yours.

Tutors earn from several hundred to several thousand rubles per hour, depending on qualifications and experience

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 5
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 5

Step 5. Choose a location

You can work at clients' homes, in your own home, or in a third-party location like a coffee shop or library. Choose your preferred location or build on the wishes of the client and indicate this fact in your ad.

When working at home for clients, tell them about the travel time when you will call the cost of your services

Part 2 of 3: Create Promotional Materials

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 6
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 6

Step 1. Make flyers

This is a great way to advertise as anyone can make an effective flyer with a lot of information. List the name of the services you provide, then write a few sentences about your qualifications. Use the information in your resume. Also include rates and contact details.

  • A good title communicates the type of service and your merits to potential customers. For example, "Math with the best student in the stream", "English with a certified specialist" or "Experienced Chemistry Tutor".
  • Use a photo to grab attention. Photos with apples, desks or groups of students are suitable for flyers. Not everyone wants to post their own photo around the city.
  • Always get permission to post the flyer on the bulletin board.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 7
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 7

Step 2. Write your ad text

Prepare your ad to be published in your local advertising portal or newspaper. Write a title, briefly describe the qualifications, quote rates and contact details.

  • Your ad needs a good headline. Be guided by the same considerations as for the heading for the flyer.
  • The ad should be concise. Tell only the most important things. The larger the ad text, the higher the cost of publishing in the newspaper (and sometimes online).
  • Attach an engaging photo of yourself or the learning process.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 8
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 8

3 Make business cards. Business cards can be handed out when meeting with potential clients. If a person complains about poor performance in school or wants to prepare for an exam, then give him your business card. You run the risk of missing out on customers if they don't remember you. You can also leave business cards in cafes and libraries.

  • If you have a printer, you can make business cards at home. Card blanks are sold at department stores, stationery stores, and online.
  • You can also order inexpensive professional business cards from the appropriate service.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 9
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 9

Step 4. Make brochures

Brochures contain more information about the services and may be helpful if there are many tutors in the area. Additional information will show clients that you are a more experienced and qualified person. Having a brochure will give you that special shine.

  • Print brochures or make an electronic copy.
  • Having an e-brochure will make it easier for you to show your customers your services if they contact you by phone or online. It will be enough to send the corresponding file.

Part 3 of 3: Publish your ads

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 10
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 10

Step 1. Publish your ad on a local online advertising portal

Use the services of several sites. You can often find free sites on the Internet, but an ad in a newspaper will cost money.

  • Use the services, or
  • Also find local classified ads for a specific city.
  • Online classifieds often need to be republished in order to show up on the first pages of searches. Go to sites and look for your ads.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 11
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 11

Step 2. Distribute flyers

Hand out flyers in libraries, near schools, and in popular venues for teens and families with children (pizzerias, coffee shops, ice cream parlors).

  • Ask your school if you can leave your flyer on the bulletin board.
  • Sometimes there are special spaces for leaflets. For example, some coffee shops have a table at which you can find the flyer you want or leave your own.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 12
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 12

Step 3. Distribute business cards and brochures

Always carry business cards with you so you can hand them over to potential clients. Also leave your business cards and brochures at schools, cafes and libraries or other approved places.

Find stands and message boards in libraries and cafes to leave a few business cards

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 13
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 13

Step 4. Post on social networks

Subscribe to local social media groups and talk about your services. Find parent, school, and study groups. Perhaps there is a page for your city where you can post advertisements and leave your contacts.

Find home teaching groups


  • Teach people only in subjects that you are well versed in.
  • Offer your first lesson for free or at a low cost.
  • Ask clients to tell others about your services.
  • Try to get on the school's list of certified tutors.
  • Be prepared to provide recommendations.
  • Ask other teachers how they came to be successful.
  • Ask family and friends if they have potential clients for you among the acquaintances.


  • Find out if you need to obtain a business license or certificate.
  • Always work with full dedication so as not to make yourself anti-advertising.
  • Tutoring is considered self-employment, so you will have to pay taxes.
  • In some places, advertisements and announcements may be prohibited.

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