How to find a guy in a week

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How to find a guy in a week
How to find a guy in a week

We live in an era of urgency: we want everything here and now! This even applies to romantic relationships. Despite the fact that this does not always lead to eternal love, you can quickly gain the attention of a guy and in just one week make his legs give way at the sight of you.


Method 1 of 3: Choose a Target

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 1
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 1

Step 1. Think about who you need

First, decide who you would like to have a relationship with and write down all the names. Use this list to narrow your search and focus on the guys you think you can get along with.

  • Make a list of potential boyfriends that you know are single and that you are interested in.
  • Think about all the pros and cons of each guy. For example, one of them may be particularly cute, but you don't have much in common with him. Don't just look at looks - think about who you really get along with and who you want to see as your partner.
  • Don't be afraid to include guys you are already friends with but don't mind getting into a relationship with. Perhaps your feelings are mutual, but you will never know if you do not move in that direction.
  • If you're looking to find someone new that you don't know yet, consider what personality, physical, and intellectual qualities of guys you are interested in. Thus, you will know what to look for when meeting, and you will understand whether a new friend is suitable as a potential partner.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 2
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 2

Step 2. Go out and start your search

Go to places where the types of guys you are attracted to often hang out, such as a café, library, gym, or beach.

  • Be sure to look open and ready to communicate, for example, don't dive too deep into a book in a cafe or be distracted by hanging out with friends.
  • Go to various places alone, dress to impress, catch the guys' eyes and smile.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 3
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 3

Step 3. Look for a guy on a dating site on the Internet (if you are over 18 years old)

Many dating sites provide new users with a 7-day free trial, which will allow you to explore their base of potential partners.

  • Register on at least three sites to have a wide choice.
  • Find five guys that you might be interested in that match criteria such as age, location, personality, or more, and send them an email. Starting with five guys increases your chances of impressing one of them and having a romantic relationship by the end of your 7-day trial.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 4
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 4

Step 4. Go to singles meetings

Another surefire way to meet a potential boyfriend in a short amount of time is to attend a singles themed event or hobby meeting. There will be many bachelors who are not just suitable for you and aimed at relationships, but also have interests similar to yours.

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 5
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 5

Step 5. Attract potential boyfriends with blitz dating (if you're over 18)

Blitz dating is becoming an increasingly popular way to strike up a romantic relationship and find a boyfriend quickly.

  • Search the internet for information on blitz dating parties in your area and sign up.
  • You will go on several "dates" of 30-60 seconds with about a dozen guys in one evening.
  • You might be able to find the guy you want to meet again!

Method 2 of 3: Become More Attractive

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 6
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 6

Step 1. Exit the friend zone

In short, a friend zone is a situation in which there is a mismatch of romantic feelings, for example, when a person wants you to date him, while you "just want to be friends." This can be useful if you are already friends with a guy you are interested in, but want to start a romantic relationship with him, sparking between you and becoming more attractive in his eyes as a girl, rather than just a friend.

  • Wear clothes that suit your figure and choose colors that work well with your skin tone and / or eye and hair color.
  • Show off your best features with extra makeup or beautiful styling.
  • You don't have to look too glamorous, but put in a little extra effort during the week as you try to get your guy's attention.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 7
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 7

Step 2. Develop an interesting worldview and personality

Appearance is not the only thing that attracts people. Worldview and behavior can also be both repulsive and attractive factors.

  • Be confident in yourself. Show the courage and initiative to strike up a conversation with the guy you are interested in. Self-confidence is an attractive quality, and a guy will start picking up hints of what you like if you put in the effort to pay attention to him.
  • Hold on as if nothing had happened. Don't overdo it and don't be too blunt or aggressive, especially if the guy is a little shy.
  • Try to make him feel comfortable and at ease while interacting with you, while maintaining a cheerful, light, and open atmosphere so that he too can take steps forward.
  • Remember to compliment him often so that he feels confident around you.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 8
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 8

Step 3. Use positive body language

Movement can play a big role in conveying your willingness to communicate and your intention to turn a friend into a romantic partner.

  • Play with your hair in an unobtrusive way as you talk. This will serve as a signal of accessibility and also draw attention to your beautiful curls.
  • Look at him furtively across the room and maintain eye contact as you interact.
  • Touch his hand from time to time during communication to get his attention and to show that you are cozy, light, and physically comfortable around him.

Method 3 of 3: Take the Next Step

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 9
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 9

Step 1. Send a friend request on VK or Facebook to the guys you will meet

Don't worry, this won't get you stuck in a terrible friend zone. Rather, it is an important first step, especially if you just got to know it. This shows your initiative and indicates that you are interested in the guy, and at the same time creates the basis for further communication.

Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 10
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 10

Step 2. Find opportunities to intersect with him

The more often you bump into each other, the more you will communicate in person, and the more chances you will have of winning it.

  • Frequently visit places where he likes to spend time, such as school, work, restaurants, or downtown. Naturally, you shouldn't chase him and wait around every corner, but strategically plan "random" meetings once a day for the next week.
  • Take part in clubs and events where your facility is involved. This way, you will show that you have common interests, and will also be able to see each other more often while doing the same thing.
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 11
Get a Boyfriend in a Week Step 11

Step 3. Invite him out on a date

Don't wait for him to do it himself! You can take the initiative as a modern girl without prejudice and invite him herself.

  • Be clear about your feelings by telling him that you are interested in him as a romantic partner and that you would like to go out on a date this weekend.
  • If he agrees, that's a success! You will have a date and (most likely) a boyfriend.
  • If he refuses, don't worry. If he doesn't like you, trying to date him, in any case, would not be interesting. Find someone else. There are many other guys in the world, and among them there is at least one who is looking for you.


  • Remember, not having a boyfriend is totally okay! Being single can be great as it leaves more time for yourself. Most importantly, don't look too desperately for your boyfriend, as despair rarely attracts other people.
  • Remember, the guy won't fall in love with you on the first day. This will take time. Also, make sure he has the personality traits that are right for you and is worth spending your time on him.

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